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Jerry Kill officially added

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Jan 15, 2020.

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  2. fwiw, Kill ran the power spread as OC at Rutgers 2 years ago. They weren’t very good, but he at least speaks the language, as it were.
  3. Point taken. On the other hand I think this is a message from GP simply saying I'm still in charge and its on me. I run the football program....Not the AD, not the board of trustees, not the alumni, not Killer Frogs ( though maybe we should be) etc. Not always a bad thing. Ask Tom Herman how he feels about Alumni and other's interference.
  4. there is an idea i would love to see play out for a week.

    can you imagine the [ clusterfarg ] if killer frogs ran the offense and we were trying to come to a consensus for the game plan let along scripting the first 10 plays or so
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  5. so does that mean rusty burns is abe vigoda's character?
  6. Running a not-very-good spread offense is very relevant job experience.
  7. He’ll fit right in...:)
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    For him to either shut up or stop bothering to visit the site? I'm not really sure why anyone would continually return to conversations with people they profess to hold in utter contempt.
  9. Rutgers is going to suck no matter what.
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  10. Baylor sucks no matter what.
    Rutgers just has a bad football team.
  11. My expectation of Kill is simple - to make our offense tougher, which has been missing for a while. Our OL and receivers have appeared very soft for a couple years. I think Kill can contribute directly to the running game. Also think he can contribute by demanding a cohesive game plan and help with real time play calling consensus, for example allowing some DM ideas to filter in where needed.
  12. Towel girl
  13. I keep reading the thread title as Jerry Kill officially killed.
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    As some have pointed out, the run/pass chart I posted earlier is not the entire story. To elaborate on our passing issues, I made this chart.

    Just to clarify, the information is not TCU vs OU matchups. It represents the season totals of each team.

    The gap is widening between us and OU. If we want to keep them from winning 10 straight B12 chips we have to address our passing game.
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  15. Depends, character on the godfather or Barney Miller?
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  16. Our O line has not been playing grumpy enough.

    May GP will listen to Kill.
  17. Jerry Kill thinks limiting turnovers and controlling the time of possession are the keys to a good offense. He also thinks a strong running game is necessary to open up the passing game.
  18. Kill strikes me as a coach that isn’t going to X and O you to death, but you know you are in for a fight against his team. Can’t think of anything our offense needs more.
  19. No doubt about that....and while we're at it we should work on getting a pass rush......Jalen H. could have peeled a grape with the time he had to select a target.
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  20. What's the sample size?

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