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Jerry Kill officially added

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Sure but I doubt he's getting on the headset to tell Cumbie to stop telegraphing which way we're running
  2. Well no wonder we are having problems. We have got to get up to date and quite using the telegraph to send messages!
  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if Cumbie is back upstairs next year
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  4. No, he will be telling him that during the week
  5. [QUOTE="BrewingFrog, post: 2822992,

    I truly hope that Kill is someone who can tell GMFP in confidence where the problems are and have his opinion respected.[/QUOTE]

    I really think you hit on something here. Probably a very good hire.
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  6. I think we are running the team into the ground, but then again I am also hanging around you idiots so what do I know.
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  7. Can’t wait to see the trendy new spin he brings to the power I formation.
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  8. Kill is supposed to be named as Special Analyst to the Head Coach. Basically he is the QC guy on offense for GP.

    Here is quote from JC’s article at 247, “ Kill will not be one of the ten assistant coaches, instead he will overlook the just the offensive side of the ball from coach evaluations, players evaluations, play calls, schemes; virtually everything involved with the offensive side of the ball. “
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  9. Riley last seen in a fetal position under his desk..
  10. Some of you are idiots.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. [​IMG]

    i think the big things kill brings to the table is an outside perspective on offensive schemes, play design, play calling, etc... and gary trusts and respects him.

    this isn't a joe brady hire, but the frogs don't need a joe brady hire. they need structure, they need a damn offensive identity.

    look at what notre dame did to iowa state simply by making iowa state have to focus on defending the run game.

    same thing the minnesota did to auburn. not complicated, but effective and that would be great
  13. I like this. Kill has GMFP's ear and can give him a trusted second opinion.
  14. I truly hope that Kill is someone who can tell GMFP in confidence where the problems are and have his opinion respected.


  15. FIXED
  16. You rang?
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  18. User name is very apropos here. Certainly Dr. Patterson is signaling that he will never consider any more invasive or thoroughgoing kind of intervention to his ailing offensive staff.

    As for 'giving this lineup a chance', what else can we do? We're going to wait eight long months hoping without any particular reason that Jerry Kill as superintendent and the return of a former OC who enjoyed only partial success will turn things around for a staff whose on-field product has been appalling for two straight years and at least uninspiring for four. How good would Jerry Kill have to be for that kind of turnaround to be a reasonable expectation?

    Why should we assume that Doug Meacham part two will be 2014-15 edition rather 2016 edition?

    I'm not saying these things won't happen, just that with the track records of the assistants GP clearly has no intention of ever replacing under any performance-related circumstances whatsoever, there is no reason to expect them to happen.

    Hope may be, as the Germans say, the last thing to die. But if you think there's reason to predict anything other than continued ineptitude from this slightly reconfigured offensive staff, you're fooling yourself. That said, I hope GP and his cronies staff prove me wrong. Go Frogs!
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  19. So, Kill is essentially an unpaid offensive analyst? He would be a great second opinion for GP and advisor for Cumbie.
  20. My hope:
    “TEs can be a valuable asset if used properly.”

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