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Jerry Kill officially added

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. That's a disaster case IMO
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  2. Way overthinking. And remember Gary doesn’t just bring in new staff unless everyone is on board. We had one of these in 2017 and Cumbie was the OC then too.
  3. It is 79 degrees, the new players and staff is in, time for spring practices!
  4. depends upon how gary positions it to sonny and how willing sonny is willing to grow and mature in the position

    talking with friends who are or were in coaching this is not new whether you are at a high school, college or the pros.

    change is the one constant and if you can't accept someone sitting down with you and discussing where things have fallen short and what needs to be done to get back on tract then it would be time for cumbie to move on.
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  5. Sonny quits.
    Board rejoices.
    Best hire ever.

    Did I do that right?
  6. Kill is a widely respected guy in the profession, Gary will actually respect, listen to, and not micromanage him, and he has a good track record. Those things seem pretty clear, so his arrival isn't bad news. The question is whether it's good enough news. Time alone will tell. But this is a message board, as such it exists for, among other things*, speculation. How confident do we feel that this news is good enough?

    The track record of our present offensive coaches are also facts.

    *[Apparently the board also exists for you to repeatedly tell us we're all morons, and that only you and six/seven of your closest pals know a darned thing.]
  7. yeah, he does really seem to make sure there is a meshing of the minds and characters and styles. good recipe for stability. this really could be what gets Cumbie to the next level. maybe free up some more of his time to develop his qb's more of the way he likes.
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  8. i remember reading an article in the austin american statesman years ago about the hire that saved dell computer.

    basically, in the early days it was dell and a group of incredibly bright computer geeks who while brilliant didn't realize that you can't grow a company by people deciding to go ride go carts in the afternoon and stop taking orders or contacting suppliers or managing cash flow etc...

    forgot the guys name, but he basically was the proverbial adult in the room and the rest is history so to speak.

    i see kill's hiring as a good thing, i have seen it far too often with small business/start ups that they forget there are some fundamental things that have to be done each day in business regardless of what you do or whether you work in an office or everyone is remote.

    additionally, this isn't kill's first time doing this nor setting up an offense. regardless of whether you are putting in the slot-t or some cutting edge passing game there are basics that have to be handled and it is the attention to those details that have seemed to leave this program for too damn long
  9. I agree
  10. The Astros front office could have used one of those.
  11. maybe nolan knew something and wanted out after his words fell on deaf ears.
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  12. That’s possibly part of it. Screwing his son probably ranks pretty high on the list too.
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  13. Its such a beating. Every... Single... Thread.
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  14. I mean - what do you expect? It's the offseason coming off a 5-7 season, coming off a 7-6 season.
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    My issue with the Jerry Kill hire is that his past doesn't indicate that he's the fix for the current problem.



    We had the 9th ranked passing offense in the B12 in 2019 in terms of YPG. It seems like additions to the offensive staff should've been focused on addressing our passing game. Maybe that's what Meach is supposed to do, but Jerry Kill is a run the ball guy.

    What I find particularly vexing is that since Meachum left, we haven't altered our run/pass mix. It was 45% passes in 2017 and 2018, and 44% passing in 2019.

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  16. Who is the fall guy when/if this restructuring goes awry? Will it be Kills fault for not coordinating the offensive staff, will it be Meacham for dropped passes, will it be Cumbie for performance??? Gary?

    I really believe we should’ve gone with a new OC period instead of a band-aide approach.....we’re a P5 school not in the Sun Belt.

    I’ll hang up and watch
  17. Why would you bring facts into this?
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  18. It is one thing to provide valid concepts as to why these changes will not work. It is quite another to begin assessing blame for when it fails.
  19. If I remember correctly, Minnesota really used it’s tight ends effectively while he was there. That sparks some hope. That said, it’s not like Minnesota’s offense was blowing anybody’s doors off either.
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  20. there's only one answer to that. gp. its his to work; its his to fail.

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