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Jerry Kill officially added

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Fine with me. Solid guy. Has his health improved?
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  2. Glad we announced this before Baylor announcement.
  3. Why?
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  4. Guess I was thinking if Fuente goes to Baylor, it’s good to have it on record we hired Kill first before Baylor claimed they didn’t want him. Reality is I got about four hours sleep and no coffee yet.
  5. [Baylor asshoe] is all I got.
  6. the offense is all on gp now.
    no more "they".
    and I'm all for it working.
    I'll be there when we roll it out in Berkeley.
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  7. Analyst role?
  8. This is a huge question I'd like to see answered. Wasn't he having seizures and stuff on the field?
  9. Before the Cumbie haters get revved up, let's give this new line up a chance.
  10. IIRC, he did suffer a seizure on the field at Minn. He stepped back from coaching at that time, noting that the stress of the job was a contributing factor in his health issues. I have not heard of any issues since then, but as an analyst, such medical issues are not nearly as news-worthy.

    I truly hope that Kill is someone who can tell GMFP in confidence where the problems are and have his opinion respected.
  11. Well 2013 was a long time back and a seizure disorder should have been treated and controlled by now. Having said that it must always be monitored and breakthrough events are still possible.
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  12. Plus he's not a coach. Not sure what responsibilities, if any, he will really have on game days. His impact will come during the week
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  13. He'll be an analyst, just like he was for Fuente at VT. Hopefully, he really was instrumental in helping Fuente overcome his early season offensive slump last year. Regardless, I see it as a positive sign.

    As CGP's best friend and an outsider, he should be able to tell CGP anything and it won't be colored by his existing relationships with the staff.
  14. Believe he will be able to sit upstairs with the coaches
  15. Less stress is always a good thing no matter what the health issues are.
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  16. he will have plenty of responsibility on game day as he isn't taking the day off.

    might not be on the sideline, might not be calling plays, but i promise you he will be involved and more critical to his health are the hours spent working during the week and how he takes care of himself
  17. That's exactly what he can not do...not take care of himself and stress out. Still as I said breakthrough seizure events are always possible no matter what you do.

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