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Gameday Thread: Iowa State at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. We said that all of last year. It never happened. I doubt it happens now.
  2. Max was 16-19 for 241 and 3 TD in one half. Gary can kiss my ass for not starting that kid. I just don't scheissing get it. AT ALL.
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  3. Win by 14 plus if Max started
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  4. Maybe. The culprit is the Defense. 34 points should win a football game. Very discouraging and disappointing.
  5. Warm up game. Duggan looked good. Defense with mental mistakes, IMO. OL with issues biggest concern.
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  6. We have a big play defense.
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    the bigger question is why the hell didn’t Max start to begin with?

    I would’ve much rather lose because Max didn’t play at all than lose because Max only played the 2nd half
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  8. Osai from UT is gonna be dreaming big when he sees our LT tapes this week.
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  9. uh, I think we said it about 5 times last year.

    Gary getting schooled weekly
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  10. Defense was supposed to be our strength this year, but it looked bad!
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  11. I lean towards no. Until the defense shows more than what it showed, I think the end result would've probably been the same. Might have been a slightly higher scoring game, but that's it.

    Our defense is good until it has to be.
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  12. We are only a few years away.
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  13. Spielman in the game on the last drive. So, why was he missing the rest of the game.

    This BS has to stop!
  14. Jarrett Anderson in action.
  15. They are going to kick the living crap out of this team.

    We aren't motivated, have no spark, and gave up 37 to a gang that couldn't get out of their own way v. a Sun Belt team AT HOME. Oh, and we have the same brilliant Offensive minds drawing up next week's game plan!

    Is Bo Pelini available? I'm thinking a new position: Motivational Coach. He can just roll through the offices screaming his lungs out at everybody...
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  16. We’ve been a joke since Deuce Boogie got popped before the Alamo Bowl.
  17. I mean for the love of god Gary.... you made me post something that even tyler durden was forced to like.
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  18. This team sucks, this coaching staff sucks, team might be better with competent coaching but as stands now with O-Line and D issues it’s a 1-2 win season for TCU. Patterson while once great is now just running out clock on his career.
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  19. We did win that game.
  20. Excuse me. These are non wins.

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