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Gameday Thread: Iowa State at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. With some of the Swiss cheese issues we have on both sides of the ball, we were lucky to be in this game after they started stretching the lead.
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  2. I think the o-line was the same with both, just Max has last year's experience and knows that he has about 2 seconds to throw or get the hell out of dodge.
  3. I don't blame the INT on Max. That was 100% Barber's fault and luck. He kicked the ball with his knee after it was in his hands. The guy that caught it was 8 yards away, and it almost touched the ground.
  4. I am in this boat of thinking as well. Losing close games does not cut it. Who has the most points at the final whistle matters. We never had the lead in this game. There was never a sense that we were winning. There some faint hope, behind the reality that a turnover was likely because a qb had to gamble.

    but the way the rcvrs were making good catches and running backs we have, we should have won. that o-line and some defensive issues hurt.
  5. Yah that might as well have been considered a fumble. Hit him in the hands, uncontested, dropped, kicked, and picked. Couldn’t have been a better throw.

    Have to give Rose credit, you couldn’t have slid a nickel between the ball and the turf. Just a big time effort on his part.
  6. I think luck is the main factor there. Barber was playing hard. That one hail mary in the first half was harder to catch for those guys than it looked. but that rcvr group played harder today than we have seen in a while.
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  7. Surely to God there's not a single human alive who actually watched that play and would blame the INT on Max. It has to be the one thing that all Americans can unite and agree on.
  8. nobody is. my pressing comment was about an offense that is trying to come from behind. it just happens.
  9. I think what really sticks out today to folks is that our 5 up front had way to much trouble with their 3.
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  10. Much closer than last years loss at Iowa State.
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  11. It’s a misfire of a game. We shoulda had a non-conference opener to flush the pipes and shake off the rust, but we didn’t. ISU struggled in their first game, too, yet showed today that they learned from their prior mistakes. We’ll learn from this and get better. We have talent. Don’t panic.
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  12. I agree, and wonder why there always seems to be a lack of motivation? Players beat down? Exhausted from extensive pre-game conditioning instead of a warm up / walk thru? Knowing no matter what they do a negative will be blasted at them? Or do we just recruit guys that are not motivated?
  13. Poorest coached team I’ve seen in sometime with starsies all over the bench
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  14. Did Hunt play today? Didn’t record a target and I don’t remember seeing him.
  15. I'm actually optimistic. Offense was really good when Max was in. If we could have played smu this game would have gone much smoother. Eliminate the bad snaps and the unfortunate interception and offense was just fine.

    Defense will get those long runs stopped. Iowa State is a good team and look at the improvement they made with a game under their belt.

    Beat texas.
  16. SMU would’ve beaten us had they played us yesterday.

    scoreboard is affecting people’s judgment here.

    guess we’ll find out next week with a full game of max If anything has changed
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