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Gameday Thread: Iowa State at TCU


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They looked like crap, but there’s something to be said about one team having played a game, and the other not having playing their first. Remember, ISU lost in their first game to nothing U last week. They looked like complete dog crap last week.

We will be better next week.

“Nothing U” ranked 17.

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We had a chance to win until #4 bounced an easy catch off his knee and it was intercepted.
Had a chance to win 6!games last year too.

meaningless...this should have been a 20 point win so mistakes don’t matter. Win by one philosophy means lose by 7 or less these days.


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I lean towards no. Until the defense shows more than what it showed, I think the end result would've probably been the same. Might have been a slightly higher scoring game, but that's it.

Our defense is good until it has to be.
I would say with the game on the line, and our D needing a stop it has happened around 10% of the time. Sure, people will point to big ones, but there are far more times when our D did not hold at the end of a game.