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Gameday Thread: Iowa State at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Actually our defense looked on point early. Then got ran out of the building in the final 3 quarters.

    Certainly agree on the Duggan point. Downing was ok but the offense is just much more fluid wth Max. At least when we're able to successfully get the snap from center.
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  2. You people are ridiculous.
  3. This is how the healing begins, when we combine our hate towards a common foe.
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  4. Yeah agree. Would have been nice to get a lead early and change the trajectory of the game. Downing didn’t do terribly, but a vanilla offense against ISU is plays into their philosophy. I think defense had opportunities to step up but didn’t.
  5. Everyone is gonna be riding the Bevo train, especially after OU gave up the booty. Now we'll go to Austin and beat'em. That's what we do.
  6. You said the same all of last year as our 9 NFL players somehow lost every week.
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  7. why didn’t max start?
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  8. Whoever coaches our OL should be fired.

    We played worse than the Raggin' Cajuns...

    6 sacks. 6 sacks and 99 rushing yards... W T H?
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  9. And you don’t understand much about football. But keep emotioning all over the place. It will fix everything.
  10. My guesses (suspect a combo):

    1. Not enough prep time.
    2. Concerns about being sluggish/ out of rhythm/ knowing gameplan.
    3. Impressed by Downing in practice reward him with PT.
    4. Develop depth.
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  11. Yeah I think the theme coming out of the game. Biggest concern moving forward.
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  12. Agree! Five guys couldn't block three guys!
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  13. biggest positive to me is how max played

    not perfect and i think he would benefit from a more balanced offense, but he made some throws today he wasn't coming close to making last year

    now mix in the backs and no more 5-wide crap
  14. 2nd biggest is the line on the other side of the ball stopping the run and getting pressure on the QB.
  15. Hey, but we didn't lose by as much as we did last year. By next year, we should win.
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  16. Sure I don’t, been pointing out these warts for four years...keep your head in the sand, that is a great problem solver.
  17. Yeah we can moan about missed opportunities and breakdowns but our sophomore QB of the future, once thought out for the year with a heart ailment just came in with a week worth of practice and looked better than last year. Not to be half glass full in the post game bitchfest but that’s something huge.
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  18. Emotions!!
  19. Uh, good one bro.
  20. Ancient history in college football years. How many current players were on those teams?
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