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2020 Baseball Season Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Guess what day it is...
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  2. From what I understood, Perez will be middle relief for now. I don't think there is an injury issue, but I think he hasn't developed enough good, different pitches to be effective as a starter. If someone else was there, please clarify this because I can't exactly remember what he said about Perez. I do remember that they have high expectations for Beethly.
  3. I get the feeling that the staff thinks Perez's stuff is better served in a reliever role that can deliver for 2 - 3 innings and potentially work into a starter vs the closer role of giving it the full gas for one inning. Which really would be better for him it seems since we will likely be losing at least 2 if not all 3 of our starters at the end of the this year if things go well.

    Beethly seems to fit more the mold of some of most revered past closers.
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  4. Just learned that the nacho stands at the new ballpark will be called “high cheese.” It’s like they surveyed 100 dads for that one.
  5. I’m gonna try to make the first 5 innings or so. I can take mid to high 40’s, light wind.
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  6. I plan on beating the cold with boot whisky.

    And for any school personnel who may read this, I am a short, red-headed Chinese woman.
  7. With green eyes.
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  8. FIFY
  9. Other Big 12 schools this weekend:

    • Baylor won their rubber match vs Nebraska
    • WV won 2 games to 1 @ Jacksonville
    • K-State lost their series (1-2) @ UTRGV
    • Texas swept Rice
    • Kansas won their rubber match @ Belmont

    Currently looks like OK State is going to lose their rubber match @ Grand Canyon. They are down 9-3 in the 9th
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    OSU lost. So IOW, not a great RPI weekend.

    Edit. The above left off Tech going 4-0 and OU going 2-1 vs. UVA. So a meh, but not terrible, weekend. Roughly 20-8 as a league. With series wins over UVA, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Rice.
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  11. Aggies rolled out some new uniforms.

  12. WVU lost their entire starting staff from last year,so it was a surprise to see this years starters as the strong part of the weekend.Friday Wolf took a no no into the 7th before allowing the lone hit.Sat.Bergert went 6 and left with the lead and today,Freshman lefty Carr went 5 solid allowing only 1 run.One bad pitch from a reliever (first pitch) was launched for 2RHR in the b8 Sat. That gave JU their lone win.Allowing 5Runs for the weekend against a decent team.
  13. When did a&m start men’s softball?
  14. [​IMG]
  15. My Aggie baseball buddies in our golf group chat are pissed and said we look like Mississippi State now. They also blamed a football player in our chat that made the entire athletics switch to Adidas. Was pretty fun watching them bicker back and forth in those uniforms.
  16. I agree with H-Town Frog. I thought they stole those from the women's softball locker room and dressed in drag.
  17. Pitchers Used:

    Pitchers Not Used:
    Coughlin (known)
    Mihlbauer (known)
    Sloan (said by Chuck to be throwing and working his way back)
    Miller (JR)
    Hudi (FR)
    Speaker (FR)

    Interestingly....the XML stats currently show Jake Eissler having pitched a third of an inning.
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  18. Sure seems that despite 2 veteran arms being hurt we have a ton of solid options....also looks like we have at least 3 solid bench position players who could start anytime as well.

    Think this is gonna be a fun year...
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