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2020 Baseball Season Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Such a bold prediction lol
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  2. Then why wouldn't he be the #1 overall pick? No secondary pitch?
  3. Because he isn’t the best player in the country. Probably not even in the top 15. Main factors in play for him are that he isn’t very tall and might be a reliever long term. Also, velocity isn’t the big deal it used to be. There are probably upwards of 10 guys in Texas alone capable of running their FB up around 98 or better. 2 of them are HS kids.
  4. At USC, at UCLA, Vanderbilt game is at Dodger Stadium

    The Vandy pitching staff is scary good...although TCU did have success early last season against Kumar Rocker....

  5. Is Jack Leiter related to Al?
  6. Yep. His son.
  7. I’m going to assume his 100 is flat which means whoever will try and dial that back some to get more movement. Never seen the kid before but that’s what I’d assume might be part of it.
  8. Actually, MLB Pipeline said he had the best slider in the draft...


    "Meyer owns the best slider in the 2020 Draft, a wipeout 87-91 mph offering with which he can add and subtract depth. His four-seam fastball is a weapon as well, clocked as high as 98 in short stints and parking at 93-95 when he starts. His changeup is making progress but he hasn't needed it much in college."
  9. Felix Leiter his grandpa/uncle?

    Can you do it...
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  10. The Vandy game is at USC.
  11. Must’ve missed it.

    When did it change?
  12. UT playing Lamar at Disch-Falk right now (LHN). There may be 50 people in the stands.
  13. It was confirmed a couple of months ago, allegedly because of construction, but the tournament wasn’t dubbed the “Dodger Classic” this year anyway, which tells me maybe that’s a thing of the past....
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  14. Think it has to do with Dodger stadium looking like it won’t be ready for opening day much less college games
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  15. They can play at USC.
  16. Texas on LHN before hoops and there are more players in the stadium than fans.
  17. Dodger Stadium is getting a facelift for the All-Star game.
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  19. Miserable baseball weather in Austin for Lamar @ UTx. 50 degrees or so and misting/drizzling.

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