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2020 Baseball Season Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Interesting. Definitely gathered that’s he’s always hurt from his bio. Hope we have a couple other guys who can step up
  2. it will be pretty obvious Friday why Schloss thinks he is the guy if you are at the game.
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  3. Update on the wife situation for Friday night:

    Our neighbor invited her to the Baseball Women's Clinic tonight where there will be food, drinks, Q&A with Coach Schloss and the players, batting practice in the TCU batting cages, and a "behind the scenes look" at the baseball facilities.

    Was really hoping this would seal the deal. Unfortunately the weather forecast for Friday looks pretty frigid, which may be the ultimate deal breaker.
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  4. Cold weather baseball is a truly miserable fan experience IMO. Avoid at all costs.
  5. Living with a frigid wife is also a miserable experience...
  6. That had me cracking up i almost choked
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  7. Updates from last night:

    Starters: Ray, King, Smith
    Tuesday: Cornelio or Meador

    DH - Wolfe
    C - Zach with Bryne playing a lot
    1B - Henry
    2B - Goodloe,Rodgers
    SS - Sacco
    3B - Shepherd
    LF - Brown
    CF - Sikes
    RF - Wood (been playing him everywhere)
  8. Occasionally there's a last minute tweet. I just drove by on Sunday afternoon and they were scrimmaging. Several scouts there.
  9. Since Perez isn't listed in the rotation I assume it's him.
  10. With each passing day....
  11. You do you
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  12. So why has Schloss suddenly gone dark?? Hadn't released anything. And zero Startlegram coverage smells of the coaching staff instructing Drew to zip it.

    We trying to hide some info from 'Tucky???
  13. Anybody know what the deal is with Beau Wimpee? I know he signed, I think he was with the team for Fall then next thing I see about him is a pic of him in a Baylor uni and he's not on their roster.
  14. At the baseball luncheon today, Sarloos said that Harrison Beethly will be the closer, but may not put him in that role for a few weeks.

    He also said that the depth on the pitching staff is much better than last year. Spoke highly of Ray, King and Smith as the projected 3 starters, and he expects Meador and Cornelio to eventually be really good pitchers after some expected high school-to-college growing pains.
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  15. I assume you've been pretty chilly before??
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  16. Bankruptcy
  17. Did he mention if we planned on walking as many leadoff batters this year? Seemed a poor strategy last year and made us unwatchable imo. Drives me insane when the staff can’t throw strikes.
  18. What's Perez's role then? Is he not healthy? Assume this means high expectations for Beethly?

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