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2020 Baseball Season Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. We finally did it boys...

  2. OSU got a nice W at #13 Arizona State last night.

    Looking ahead to this weekend, Minnesota is 2-2 with wins over Oregon and Arizona.
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  3. Really encouraged by Cornelio last night. Think our bats have more juice in them than we're given credit for. Fun year thus far
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  4. Winning the series this weekend will be huge
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  5. I remember Coach Shloss saying at last week's luncheon that Minnesota will be one of the top 3 teams we will play this year. He thinks their top starting pitcher could be the first player taken in this year's draft. I am not sure what his name is, but lets hope Minnesota feels the need to pitch him in their scrimmage with the Twins this Friday.
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  6. If we sweep this weekend, I'm going to go ahead and book my flight to Omaha.
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  7. max meyer and he starts as well as plays in the outfield
  8. Just noticed some crazy scheduling coming up in early March...

    Frogs fly out to CA to play SC on 3/6 @ 8pm & UCLA on 3/7 @ 4pm, return for a home game vs Vanderbilt on 3/8 @ noon, then back to CA for the SDSU game on 3/10.

    That’s crazy! Wonder if that’s a misprint, or a matter of platooning. Vanderbilt could be playing a bunch of Frog Zombies!
  9. First three games are in the Dodger classic...
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  10. Taken from gofrogs.com:

    MAR 8 (SUN) NOON


    Not sure where you saw this was a home game at Lupton.
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  11. Calm down Mananiac, it's still very cold outside
  12. feels like a win Saturday will require a lot of patience at the plate plus some luck their ace has control problems so we can get to their bullpen
  13. Thanks on the scheduling w/Vanderbilt's being in LA, too. I guess it pays to actually look at more than just the left side of the GoFrogs.com listing when the info's sitting there on the right. It's hell getting old!
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  14. Max Meyer.... I can tell you with 110% certainty he won’t be the first pick in the draft but he’s got a real good chance to go in the first round. He’ll start Saturday’s game.
  15. Hard throwing, little bit wild, doesn't scare me as much as other types of pitchers.
  16. Max typically isn’t wild at all and to be a little more specific on “hard throwing” he was touching 100 last week.
  17. Think CDC ever misses the simple life at TCU?

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  18. LMAO..... I weep for humanity.
  19. And CDC gave him a serious, thoughtful response. Holy cannoli.
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  20. english lit major who hasn't worked anywhere longer than 10 months until he started working for himself and i think he is more worried about having a picture to be seen at a texas baseball game than commemorating the moment with his family

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