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2020 Baseball Season Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. CKS growin him up
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  2. We “grew him up quickly”.

    edit: PO Frog beat me to the punch. :)

    LETS GO!!
  3. No points for second place
  4. He's always been a highly sought pitcher.
    He had committed to pitch at LSU out of high school but decided on Illinois State because they said they would let him hit and pitch.

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  5. Then his GoFrogs profile is painfully in need of update. Also seems like he's been hurt more than he's played baseball.... hoping he kills it
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    Preseason coverage for this season has seemingly been awful if not non-existent.

    I agree that Johhny Ray supposedly being our ace is a suspicious premise based on what's available of his history. But hell. If he wants to go be a super star that appeared out of nowhere, I'm all for it.
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  7. I assume we won't be letting him bat?
  8. What??? Jeez...come on. That's pretty dumb no one has caught that yet.

    And I agree...the preseason hype or stories around this team has been ridiculously quiet.
  9. Where is the inside scoop and reports? Need to get amped for friday
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  11. He got stuck on a plane flight next to Charlie Hough and learned the knuckleball.
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  12. hmmm....being a guy from quincy i would have gone with wilbur wood
  13. Hopefully Meador and Perez have come along from the scrimmage I saw them work.
    They both had trouble finding the strikezone and also got hit hard early.
    Meador settled down in the third inning. Didn't get to see Perez toss his last inning because had to leave.
  14. Are these scrimmages open to the public? If so how do you know about them?
  15. #tcu15
  16. These are just intersquad scrimmages during practice.
  17. Yes. But are practices with intersquad scrimmages open to the public?
  18. Correct. The timeline is very accurate. As for Ray, he’s always been very talented he just hasn’t been healthy so this isn’t a guy that’s come out of nowhere or made a massive improvement, he’s just finally healthy (knocks on wood).
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  19. They always have been.
  20. Highly underappreciated comment.
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