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2020 Baseball Season Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Sep 30, 2019.

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    Season opens 2/14 vs. Kentucky!

    Full schedule:

    Weekend Series:
    - vs. Kentucky
    - @ Minnesota
    - vs. California
    - @ Dodgers Classic (USC, UCLA, Vanderbilt)
    - vs. Maryland
    - @ Oklahoma State*
    - vs. Oklahoma*
    - @ Kansas*
    - vs. West Virginia*
    - @ Stetson
    - @ Baylor*
    - vs. Kansas State*
    - @ Texas*
    - vs. Texas Tech*

    Midweek games include ACU (2), SFA, UTA (3), SDSU, SHSU, DBU (2), UTRGV, and Incarnate Word.

    Possibly our best schedule in recent memory as far as weekend series go.
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  2. really attractive home schedule.

    do have two questions about the minnesota trip the end of february.

    first, is that schedule for on campus? that could be a bit interesting to go north in february.

    second, will the team get a chance to vist pj flecks house at the risk of the entire team going into the transfer portal?
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  3. Dang, good point on Minnesota. It does show it in Minneapolis so we may see baseball and snow.
  4. Really looking forward to Incarnate Word.
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  5. The Minnesota series is in the Vikings indoor stadium.
  6. Schloss told me he was done playing nonsense teams (or as few as possible). He wasn’t joking.
  7. We are winning it all. Book the flights, get time off. The time is NOW!
  8. Pretty bummed no Houston appearances but good schedule!!
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  9. Uh, hello? Just fly in for every game.
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  10. Dodgers Classic sounds fun. I might see if I can take my son.
  11. I think they try and alternate the Houston Classic with the Dodger Classic. That being said, I think the following season TCU is part of an all-star group of teams playing a college classic at the new Globe Life Park in Arlington. Like Big XII and SEC group of teams.
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  12. would have been nice if they would have been invited to the shriners classic this year in houston.

    field is really strong with arkansas, lsu, missouri, baylor, texas, and ou.
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  13. We saw the Gophers play Creighton there a couple years ago, not a terrible place to watch a game and plenty of seats to choose from. We will be there
  14. I could have worn my fez and gotten free because asa oble in the mystic order of the shrine I am entitled to such benefits
  15. Who is going Tuesday to Globe Life to watch the Frogs play?
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  16. I’ve never been to LA and my brother has started staying a ton for business. If he is living in LA at the time, sounds like perfect first trip.
  17. Me
  18. Wish they would update the roster on gofrogs.com but they don't do that until next semester.
  19. I'm hoping that someone has a few printed copies of the rosters for both sides. Or just put something on Twitter. Seems simple enough.

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