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Winners and Losers In The Realignment Wars

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Starting to think Eight needs change his avatar back to that purple dinosaur.
  2. We the big 12 need to be courting Arizona, Arizona State, Nebraska and BYU and get this thing to 14
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    This. vvvv The same premises set forth are still viable today, if not more so. TCU has shown it has the mettle to compete, and it does so, still, with recruits who have fewer starsies. But more so than that, it's real estate. That means location, location, location. DFW is the largest market in the state, and a top five market nationally. Having the SEC in DFW would bolster their TV contracts and give them access to the two hottest recruiting areas in the state - Houston and DFW. There is a reason the SEC tries to play as many games in JerryWorld as possible. They want a presence here. We are that presence. If your school isn't named Oklahoma or Texas, you'd better hope it's named TCU because no new realignment is going to want to walk away from this market. That would be insanity.

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  4. Hahahaha. I love TCU but no team in the Big 12 is going to the SEC but maybe OU if the Big 12 broke apart. Texas A&M would never allow another Texas team to join the SEC. Period. I'm 100% right on this. End of the SEC discussion.
    Plus, SEC really doesn't need anyone. And SEC never doubles up on a state that didn't already start as a founding member. Now with Pac, ACC, or Big 10 there might be something to it. Hopefully Big 12 stays around for a long time with OU and UT as members.
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  5. Sorry, I seemed to have missed the memo about Aggie running the SEC. Could you please provide a link? TIA

    BTW, I am not advocating for a move to the SEC. I believe the notion of its impossibility by some of you is flat out wrong.
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  6. Its possible I guess in theory.
    *3.1.2 Granting of Membership. Membership may be granted by invitation of the Conference at a meeting of the Chief Executive Officers. A vote of at least three-fourths of the members is required to extend an invitation for membership.
    Download the bylaws: https://a.espncdn.com/photo/2014/07...Vaw3lNr_MnwLN9CNIvNc9XjQ5&cshid=1561986073800

    But this is why it won't happen.
    This is a great article of why:
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  7. Substitute Colorado for BYU and I'm with you.
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    I figured that article is what you were referencing, and, as you know, it is conjecture. The reason Aggie got an invite is moreso because of the Houston market and access to Texas recruiting and less because they are Aggie. If Aggie was located in Odessa or El Paso they would still be in the Big 12. Houston's market mean's cable money, and cheddar makes things better. DFW is a top five national market, and there is one P5 team represented here (although Techtards outnumber us). If TCU were in the SEC it would cripple the Big 12, or what would've been the Big 12. That's why we got the invite from the Big 12. Had the SEC been in DFW and Houston, all other state schools including Oklahoma would've been struggling to get/retain Texas recruits, and we and other SEC schools would have greater access to them. It's our real estate that makes us so valuable...no knock on Coach P. It's the money. Nevertheless, this is all about what if speculation, so I'll just sit back and enjoy our Big 12 run as long as it lasts and see what happens when/if it happens. But we have more value than folk realize imo. I'm not trying to pick a fight, I'm just following the money.
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  9. It's not the article for all they reasons why, but you wanted links so really that is the only article that talks about it in some way. If TCU is serious of making an SEC run in the future they better start making very strong relationships with A&M, Missouri, Arkansas and all the SEC admin and boosters. At the same time making great connections in the other conferences, just in case. Location is a very small part in which we saw when the SWC broke up and Big 12 left TCU and SMU behind. We have to learn the lessons of the past and we have in a lot of ways with commitment, but so has the others.
  10. Location had nothing to do with the Big 12 back then, only politics.
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  11. I would say the decision to add A&M was more....

    A. Texas-driven than Houston-driven


    B. The fact that A&M has one of the biggest and most rabid fan bases in the country
  12. I agree with Ron. There are plenty of Aggies in DFW - not just Houston.

    And you can be sure A&M will do everything it can to maintain their Texas exclusivity.

    TCU in the SEC is a pipe dream, in my humble opinion...

    Go Frogs!
  13. you are right, i miss read the numbers and am wrong, but if you think tcu gets more media notice in houston than tech you are wrong.

    kingsbury has been fairly regular on the radio up until his firing and i can't tell you the last time i heard gary down hear.

    houston is first and foremost an nfl town and when it comes to talk about college football it is atm, texas, mix of lsu, and then whomever is doing well nationally.
  14. thanks for doing the math and it shows that outside the outlier of the ohio state game tcu and tech drew about the same number of eyeballs.
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  15. curious, would dan think it is a good idea for vandy to host their home games at the titans stadium simply to sell tickets and ruin any home field advantage or campus atmosphere?

    second, attendence has been an issue regardless of it being new mexico or kanas or whomever it is that ins't texas or ou.

    finally, i haven't seen anyone answer the question i asked before and that is if an sec game is running concurrently with a tcu game in the metroplex who in the past has pulled the higher ratings?

    i agree with ron that the sec as already established in houston before the ags made the move and when they brought atm into the conference they brought the state and not just the area.
  16. Could Kingsbury’s being fairly regular on Houston radio have anything to do with his establishing relationships with radio personalities while coaching at UH and A&M?
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    The Pac-12 Conference would most likely be the other Power 5 league that would be the most attracted to big city TCU.
    All you have to do is look at TCU's future non-conference schedules and you see the Horned Frogs playing a number of Pac-12 schools. Both sides perhaps laying the groundwork, just in case?

    Fort Worth is where the West begins. Recent history says TCU Football has had a lot of success out West.
    The 8 Million Metroplex media market, now the fourth biggest in the nation and ever growing, would give that conference and the Pac Network a substantial lift.

    Would TCU really care that the Pac-12 has a smaller payout than the Big Ten, SEC or the ACC? The answer is no.
    Also, the Pac-12 would probably be more open to adding another private school to compliment USC and Stanford and those two big city private schools' success.

    A marriage made in Heaven? The Pac-12 would positively have the best looking cheerleaders in the country after that wedding. Bring on realignment?
  18. the number of different stations very much was driven by his relationships in the market., but each time i heard him on the radio he was talking about tech football and not remembering his days back at uh or atm.

    additionally, tech's football games, men's basketball games, and coaches shows for those sports are broadcast in the houston area and i actually think baylor football games are broadcast in the houston area, but could be wrong on that.
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    Tech had a outlier game with the SEC's very own Ole Miss as well. The Rebels had their own recent head coaching issues at the time too.

    TCU Football is the #3 national media darling of the Big 12.
    More evidence, it was the networks who decided that TCU was a reasonable Big 12 replacement for a$m.
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    do you ever provide any evidence or do you just spout [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].

    example, you said tech gets no mention in the houston area and here am i providing you with the link announcing a 5-year deal beginning in 2018 for 100.7 in houston to broadcst tech football, men's basketball, and coaches shows.


    since you told me tcu gets more attention in houston than tech please let me know which station in houston broadcast the frogs games because i have been looking for 20 years and haven't found it.

    if tcu is the #3 national media darling of the big 12 you would think the total number of eyes last year wold have the frogs easily as the third most watched team in the conference and there is a team that drew similar ratings numbers last year and i am not talking about tech.

    the one thing i am certain about being a tcu alum and having gone through being left for dead when the swc broke up is the only thing certain is no one will be looking out for us and when we start thinking we have it safe get ready to get screwed over.

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