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Winners and Losers In The Realignment Wars

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Just to put some numbers to this argument, according to Sports Media Watch:
    TCU's 2018 Viewer Average: 1.78 Million (1.27 Million without the Ohio State game). This includes our bowl game.
    Tech's 2018 Viewer Average: 1.32 Million (1.26 Million without the Ole Miss game). This does not include any bowl game for Tech.
    Average on Broadcast television: TCU - 3.5 Million for 4 games (2.32 million for 3 games without Ohio State); Texas Tech 2.30 Million for 3 games
    Average on Cable: TCU - 620,000 for 8 games; Texas Tech - 917,000 for 6 games.

    So there's a lot of different ways that you can cut it. Obviously the Ohio State game dwarfs anything else either team does, so that skews some numbers towards us. Without that game, we're pretty much tied with Tech in both average viewership and people who tune in when the games are on broadcast television, while they have about a 50% advantage for the "only the fans of the teams are watching this one" games that are relegated to cable. They have the edge in terms of fan base (even in the DFW metro area) and attendance, we have the advantage in terms of geography and recent football success.
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  2. Good try, but this is about eyeballs.
    Tech is a state school and the taxpayers are probably indirectly paying for the radio broadcasts.
    TCU Football is always on tv in Houston, many times the Horned Frogs are telecast by FoxSports SW.
  3. TCU is on TV in Houston almost every week during the season in some form. I hope there is even more in 2019-2020. Texas Tech not as much.

    A side note, I sure hope the TCU vs SMU home game is either at 6, 7, or 230pm. In that order.

    I wish they would just go ahead and announce what time on ESPNU it is on so us fans can start making travel arrangements.
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    Why are you discounting the TCU vs Ohio State game? That is the TCU game that most non-affiliated cfb fans in the Metroplex and around the nation are most likely to watch.
    The same non-affiliated Metroplex and national cfb fans didn't care to watch the Tech vs SEC's Ole Miss game and this is what the numbers show.
  5. I'm not discounting it, hence why I included it, but looking at the numbers it is a clear outlier. Our next biggest game that season was barely over a third of that audience (Texas two weeks later).

    You keep trying to compare it to Tech vs. Ole Miss. If I need to explain to you why a primetime game ABC against Top 5 Ohio State when we are ranked draws a better number than a noon kick on ESPN featuring an unranked Tech team against a team that is bowl banned due to sanctions, I really don't think we're speaking the same language.
  6. Ole Miss is in the SEC !
    TCU did awfully well in the tv ratings when they played Ole Miss.

    Most Ohio State games are early and not in prime time. Because they were playing Metroplex and national media darling TCU that game was.
    Gary Patterson talks all the time about how prominent TCU is nationally.
  7. You’re either yanking everyone’s chain here or you’re not very smart, one of the two.
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  8. dude, you must have a different television from me because tech had 10 games on in the fall last year and if you think tcu is on more times than ok state, wvu, etc... i don't know what to tell you.
  9. nice troll job, because no one is this stupid and on this note i am out on this thread.
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  10. Probably just bigger.
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    Trying to compare higher enrollment #3 state school Texas Tech to private school TCU is like comparing:

    San Diego State to USC
    Fresno State to Stanford
    Northern Illinois University to Northwestern
    Ball State to Notre Dame
    Middle Tennessee to Vanderbilt
    Louisiana Lafayette to Tulane
    South Florida to Miami
    UNC Charlotte to Duke
    Appalachian State to Wake Forest
    Buffalo to Syracuse
    UMass to Boston College
  12. 1) 2014 Top 10 vs Top 10 Ole Miss bowl game is not the same as 2018 Unranked and Bowl Sanctioned Ole Miss in a season opener.
    2) Not...really? It did OK, but it was hurt by its timeslot at non on a workday. It was the lowest rated NY6 Bowl Game that year at 5 Million viewers. Baylor / Mich State did 7MM, for comparison.

    But I see you're just trolling at this point.
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    Having Texas Tech alumni outnumbering TCU alumni in the Metroplex is a mute point.

    Every Texas Tech cfb fan I know living in the Metroplex also watches, when they can, the Power 5 home team of the Metroplex, the Horned Frogs, on tv as well. It kind of negates itself, they often watch both teams.

    How many TCU cfb fans are there living in Lubbock to even watch the Red Raiders?
  14. I can feel the value of my degree dropping with every single post you make. Please stop.
  15. I know I am a little late to the game, but without a doubt the biggest winners in realignment are TCU and Utah. We both went from Non-BCS conferences making ~$1M-$2M a year to P5 conferences making $30-$40M a year.

    TAMU, Mizzou, and Nebraska are probably winners, but not nearly as much as TCU or Utah. They both are making a lot of money, but it is really not that much more than they would have been making in the Big 12. Colorado is probably a winner only in the sense of cultural and alumni fit.

    IMO Rutgers is probably the biggest winner after TCU and Utah. They went from a marginal atheltic department in a sinking conference to the B1G. That is just crazy to me.
  16. Yeah I'd say Rutgers, Louisville, Pitt, Syracuse and WVU are in that second-tier. Utah and TCU went from Non-AQ to P5, that can't be understated, but those teams got off a sinking conference to keep their power-conference status. Their friends at Cincinnati, UConn, and USF weren't so lucky.
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  17. Agreed.

    I think Maryland is also a pretty underrated winner. They make A LOT more money in the B1G than the ACC. I know they lost out on rivalries, but the athletic department is in a much better shape financially.
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  18. And there it is! The superior, arrogant thought process that you have been hiding and sheilding. Tech better than TCU. What a troll job! Go Frogs!
  19. Can you not read.
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    You should have gotten your diploma at TCU, your degree's value would never drop.

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