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Winners and Losers In The Realignment Wars

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Can’t argue with this assessment.
  2. Really good write up.
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    Two of the biggest losers he left out are Cincinnati and South Florida, both schools were in the Big East during the BCS era but now are in the AAC and Group of Five.

    He never really declared Rutgers a realignment winner, which they very much are financially, despite being terrible in football in recent years.

    I don't consider Maryland to be a loser in 2010s realignment.

    Colorado has been as big a loser in realignment as Nebraska since both left the Big 12, but Nebraska has made out financially.

    Having Texas A$M and Missouri join the SEC seems to have taken a toll on much forgotten Arkansas.

    Many of the remaining original Big 12 members' long term futures are gray since 2010s realignment.
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  4. Aggie hasn’t done jack squat since joining the SEC. Mired in 3rd place or worse in the SEC west, crap basketball, and of course, all of their best baseball teams were eliminated by the team that replaced them, and was an upgrade, in the Big XII.
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    I think TCU and A&M were the two biggest winners so far both financially and on field achievement wise. TCU's achievements as mentioned in the article, three 11 plus winning football seasons, three 20 plus winning basketball seasons, and multiple CWS. A&M's was Manziel's Heisman Trophy and the $450 million in stadium donations A&M got as a result.

    All that being said, going forward from 2019 on, I think TCU has a much higher ceiling of what they can achieve if Coach P, Coach Dixon, and Coach Schloss stay put, which I think they all will now. Fort Worth is a special place, all three rule their space without alumni interference, and TCU Athletics has money and support galore, plus the facilities.

    Come on Gary....This is your year to take that Big XII crown!

    Go Frogs!
  6. Remember when they said we couldn't compete week in and week out? Lol
  7. I heard that way too much. We have proven to be an asset to the Big 12.
  8. And, soon enough, the G.O.R.s and Conference Contracts expire and everything will be thrown into chaos.

    "Madness! This is madness!"
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    Except in 2012 (7-6),. 2013 (4-8), 2016 (6-7), and 2018 (7-6)....Yeah, I know a lot of those non-wins were by a few points, so maybe that does translate to being able to compete every week....But if we're all honest amongst ourselves, don't we believe/hope/think that we are perennial first or second place? And if we're not. too many on here rant about failing to achieve, which most would consider not being competitive....
  10. I actually don’t think it will. Big 10 is settled in as is the SEC. The ACC could be picked off for a team or two if Big 12 decides to expand and gets their target. The PAC 12 seems no longer interested in the 16 team model. There are some folks out there there that wouldn’t mind going back to the original PAC 10 membership, but I don’t see that happening. However, they could lose both Arizona schools if they bolted to the Big 12. Still, highly unlikely.

    My opinion is membership will not change within the P5 unless the Big 12 goes out looking for 2 teams. Those two teams could come out of the non power 5, or an ACC poach. FSU seems the institution most likely to jump ship for a larger payday.
  11. this is my concern and i think when you see things such as mensa's comments about staff and spending, the ncaa not addressing growing staff size, and schools out west expressing concern over revenue and spending imbalance.

    there are a number of things that don't appear to be headed in a good direction.
  12. one thing i think we have seen from the recent conference changes is there does need to be some type of cultural tie within the conference.

    i think the two az schools are in a very akward place because i don't think they ever have melded into the pac and i think realize the pac can't go backwards in its market presence. peterson at washingon has mentioned this a number of times, but i think the leadership doesn't want to try to make some real change.

    not sure adding an acc program really does much other than spread the conference out, add more east time zone trips, and there is no conference fit.
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    The conferences with the successful networks are going to be hard to keep up with financially. Currently, that would be the Big Ten and the SEC.

    The Big 12 athletic programs need to continue to be creative with their third tier inventory.

    The Big 12 has no intention of expanding. TCU is in strong agreement with this.

    The way things are right now, no school from one of the other Power Five conferences is going to leave their league and join the Big 12.
  14. The PAC is bleeding. Badly. They may well be on the way to either trying to slim down or break up. Could the B12 pick up Colorado and Utah, or perhaps the Arizona twins? The main players on that front are CDC and the Poo-Bah of the PAC. UT commands what happens, and there has always been a group within their power structure that wants a West Coast linkage.

    I cannot see the SEC or B1G changing anything. They are quite happy with their cozy little deal they have with ESPN and won't do anything to upset their benefactor.

    I would speculate on the ACC, but honestly don't care enough to do so...
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  15. I tried picking up some Arizona twins once, tried....
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    i agree that i don't see the sec or big 10 making a change because they have solid leadership at the top, everyone is making money, and the public perception of the brand is very strong.

    the acc competitively is strong in football and basketball, they have great brand recognition, and i think they fit a niche' as the east coast college conference.

    the concern i see is someone either getting a wandering eye because a school believes they are being shortchanged or you have a state like nc do something stupid like pass that damn law allowing players to basically market themselves as a way to protect duke and nc basketball.

    when individual schools act in a way they think is best for them and not for the collective a conference is in trouble.

    the pac has a poor public perception, money is not where it is with the other conferences, leadership is poor, and schools from across the country are coming into your prime recruiting ground and pulling out talent damn near at will.

    usc is underachieving and ucla is a freaking train wreck. kelly might destroy the ucla football program if things don't change and asu continues to be the program that looks like it should be more on paper, but really doesn't do much.

    finally, the big 12 and the elephant in the room is texas. there is a segment of texas supporters who feel they should be on the same level as the very elite programs and believe they won't ever reach that status while in the big 12.

    money is good for the conference, but football perception is not strong and there are concerns about the size of the media market with schools in kansas, oklahome, iowa, and west virginia. additionally, the conference shares texas with the sec for media coverage and other schools cherry pick recruits out of houston and the metroplex.

    the big question on texas to me is will they be willing to invest themselves in building their programs through the big 12 and stabilize the future of the conference or leave looking for a better situation which i don't think exists.
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  17. That was mostly roddog. So glad they removed him from this site.
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  18. With CA looking to start allowing players to be compensated, now might be a great time to check in with some of the non CA, PAC schools.
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  19. Would be absolutely thrilled to add two of AZ, AZ State, Colorado, Utah. Prefer Colorado and AZ State
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