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Winners and Losers In The Realignment Wars

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Uconn and BYU - tied for the biggest loser.

    Why is Louisville listed among the losers? Because Rick Pitino is a premature ejaculator?

    West Virginia isn't a winner in realignment.

    TCU - by far the biggest winner.
  2. I think Louisville was a winner too. Men's and Women's basketball had big wins, so did baseball, so did football in the ACC.

    Their campus is whatever though. It's in a neighborhood like UH.

    I think the Big XII needs to get back to 12 and look West for new current Power 5 friends. That addition would cement TCU in the Power 5 just like Vanderbilt and Duke and we be good.
  3. Baylor and TCU as private universities are really the only teams in the current Big12 that could have any potential trouble at another realignment. Because of that the rest of the conference is pretty content with staying put..I don’t think that changes. Unfortunately for us I’m not convinced what happens between the lines is really going to play that big a role in who ends up getting “relegated”.

    Political relationships
    Endowment money
    Inter conference affiliations (OU to OSU, TX to TT)

    All those things will come up before markets and competitiveness
  4. I really think the TV people have the biggest say.
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    A list of the Big 12 schools by their attractiveness to other Power 5 conferences in regards to realignment.

    1. Texas
    2. OU
    3. TCU (Power 5 home team of 8 Million Metroplex, 4th in nation CFB tv market)
    4. Texas Tech (In very remote Lubbock, but 3rd biggest alumni following in TX)
    5. Kansas (Blue blood men's basketball program, near Kansas City)
    6. West Virginia (Biggest school of a state with a very low population)
    7. Oklahoma State (#2 program of a state with a low population)
    8. Iowa State (same as OSU)
    9. Kansas State (same as OSU and ISU)
    10. Baylor (not a big fan following and Waco is a very small tv market)
  6. The tv market argument is one that I feel is way overblown.. Streaming will be the primary mode of watching in the next shake out and to believe what you have written you must also believe the following is true

    1. More football is watched in DFW because of the Frogs P5 status..I don’t believe it..

    2. Network and cable TV is the future of football watching..I don’t believe it..

    The real question is do we see a reduction of teams at the table or an increase..it most certainly will not stay the same
  7. TCU pulls TV ratings nationally. The underdog (not as much anymore), unis, alums from all over the US, exciting play on defense some years offense.
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    The teams and the conference they belong to control the media rights for each home game. You can't watch the game if the conference or their teams aren't getting paid somehow through the media. It's about eyeballs.
    Your theory only works if people have to pay to watch the game or go through some trouble to program it, we're nowhere near that.

    An unaffiliated CFB fan living in the Metroplex, or that same fan living in the east half or even near the Gulf coast and most of central Texas, is much more inclined to watch a TCU game than a Texas Tech game.

    TCU Football has shown itself to be a national media darling and powerhouse, and Texas Tech not at all, whether you and Red Raider fans want to acknowledge it or not. Texas Tech Football has never really excelled.

    TCU Football has a much bigger national presence than Tech, in the Eastern and Western USA.
    Texas Tech Football is a regional team, in a region of one state.
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  9. I wish this was accurate but I don’t think it is. If you think TCU is the 3rd most attractive school from a conference realignment standpoint you are nuts IMO. How “good” our teams are matters little, it’s all about $, and our small enrollment is what puts us further down the list.
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    I know you're nuts, IMO. The majority of people who went to college don't even watch CFB.

    I live in the Metroplex along with its other 8 Million inhabitants, almost every college football fan that lives here watches TCU Football when they have the chance.
    Now compare that to things in Lubbock.

    Actually, nobody anywhere in Texas cares to watch the Red Raiders unless they are from deep west Texas or went to school at Tech.
    Red Raider Football has never really excelled, and therefore isn't as much fun to watch. They just play spoiler to the CFB programs from Texas who have been a national success.
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    actually, we didn't if you look at last year's ratings.

    the ohio state game had a big number, but was that because of tcu or ohio state and urban's saga at the time?

    that game did just under 7.5M viewers and in the other 10 games i found ratings frogs did just over 11M viewers and the majority of that came from the games with ou, ut, and osu.


  12. the numbers just don't show that though
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    Yes the numbers do show it
    TCU actually did quite well in their tv ratings last year, a whole lot better than Tech. Tech's tv ratings suck, last year and every other year.
    In the last week of the regular season, 1.615 Million watched TCU and Okie State, 333K watched Tech and Baylor. Okie State was not fighting for bowl eligibility, only TCU and both Tech and Baylor.
    Based on all of last year's tv ratings, TCU was a solid third place in the Big 12.
    No disputing it.

    2.7 Million watched TCU beat Cal in their bowl game.
    What were the ratings of the bowl game Tech was in?
  14. Again...Fans especially non affiliated one are going to watch games whether TCU is on tv or not. My point remain the same..TCU does not increase football watching in the metroplex. There is no appreciable difference in the eyeballs if TCU is on or off..People watch interesting matchups.
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  15. Youre comparing a primetime game on Fox to a noon kick on FS1? Two weeks prior the roles were pretty much flipped, with Tech/Texas doing 2.7 to us vs WVU doing sub-800k. Not sure either are q good comparison.
  16. I would say 1. OU (attractive to Big 10 and SEC), 2. UT (limited because of A&M in SEC), 3. Kansas, 4. tie TTU/Okie State/WVU, 5. tie Iowa State/KSU/ and TCU, 6. then Baylor (depending on their popularity at the time they could also move in with ISU/KSU/TCU) .
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  17. The TCU @ UT viewing of 2.887 beat the viewing of UT and Tech of 2.679.
    All in all, TCU outdid Tech in ratings and viewership for the year.
    TCU was a clear third in viewership in the Big 12 last year, and that's the argument here.
    Texas Tech can round up all of the jealousy they can find, buy or steal, but it doesn't change that Tech has never been a national top 10 type football power.
  18. TCU pulls TV ratings.
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    If this is true, why did the Big 12 take TCU before they even thought of taking West Virginia.
    These are new times, different things matter than before
    Big advertisers want to spend their money in big metropolitan tv markets.
    Sports advertising is aimed a lot on urban black viewers and young upscale adults living in large cities.

    When you really examine the tv ratings and viewers, TCU is #3. Do the math !
    Texas Tech Football is a regional program, not a region of the country but only a region of one state.
    College football in Texas would be better off without Tech and Baylor, they are two football programs who have no national identity but take up valuable space.
  20. No, but you’re kind of making my point. Let’s say TCU and Tech each go 9-3 for five straight seasons. Who has better ratings?

    Tech’s floor is a lot higher than ours in terms of $ generated and TV ratings. If we ever have a stretch like Tech has had the last 6-7 years, our TV ratings would suck worse than Tech’s. Sucks to say, but true. That’s what a 10k vs 30k enrollment does.

    There was a time when Miami was about the biggest badass program going and they got huge ratings, but as soon as they were no longer a top 10 team, that all went away. Because it’s a relatively small private school.

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