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Winners and Losers In The Realignment Wars

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. I agree except for UN Lincoln and TAMU. Big 10 huskers severely damaged their crootin in TX and are now another Purdue or Minnesota- neat.
    Any apparent TAMU victories are merely setups to ever more spectacular failures.
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  2. Arkansas will be the biggest loser. Haven’t sniffed a National championship in football or basketball since leaving.
  3. pretty sure arkansas left the swc in 90 or 91 and they won a national title in basketball mid 90's and then lost in the national finals to ucla the next year.

    additionally, it isn't about winning titles but stability and cash flow.
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    Stability and cash flow are not at the top of Gary Patterson’s pyramid.
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  5. Stability and cash flow are absolutely essential in men's football.
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    Without winning conference and national titles in college football a program is in danger of looking like Texas Tech's.
    Red Raiders Football has no national presence or prominance. Their only achievements are in chipping away or playing spoiler against their home state's other college football programs that have been nationally successful, have had great seasons, top 10 finishes, won championships and do have national significance.
    Texas Tech Football can't boost themselves up and be nationally important, so they have to look and find ways to knock other cfb programs in their home state down.
    Texas Tech is a regional team. Not of a national region, but of only one remote region in one state.
    Texas Tech should be banished from the Power 5 and be made to learn how to stand up on their own two feet instead of depending on the Texas Legislature or other state institutions.
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  7. No Tech fan here, but in football that regional team holds a 5-4 edge over the Frogs since the demise of the Southwest Conference, and TCU has managed to beat Tech back-to-back only in 2014-2015....If TT is as mediocre as is claimed here, then TCU had better up its game immediately in order to not be mistaken for equals to the Red Raiders....
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    This type of thing is the only thing for Texas Tech Football to hang their hat on.

    Of course, there were many years after the demise of the SWC where Tech had recruiting advantages over TCU that they shouldn't have had.

    It's not just against TCU. A lot of Tech Football's limited success has been against and at the expense of more nationally significant college football programs here in Texas that agreed to play Tech every year and give the Red Raiders some shared status of being in the same conference.

    Red Raider Football came to the SWC and all they have ever been is like the younger sibling who only wants to talk trash to, slant, one up, chip away at and undermine their older more nationally prominent cfb siblings in the state.

    But Texas Tech football has never done anything themselves to make their home state's college football programs as a group look better across the country.

    Texas Tech Football has never accomplished anything nationally that might make their entire home state proud. Red Raider Football has never had national success.
  9. My question for you is what’s the difference between a perennial 7-6 team (Tech) and a perennial 10-3 team (TCU) if neither ever win a conference championship or play in a playoff game? I’d submit that in the eyes of national perception there really isn’t any. The program with the most money, most alumni, and deepest political connections are going to be the metric that either tip for or against us in the next alignment. We need to increase our profile by winning big and doing consistently as that the only real means to assurance.
  10. Not sure why Hell Sent has some strange fixation on Tech but I’d say there’s a lot of difference between a perennial 7-6 team vs a 10-3 team from a national perspective. Problem is we’ve never been a perennial 10-3 team since we’ve become a P5 program. 4 of the 7 seasons we are 7-5 or worse. Not sure averaging 10-3 is even possible for TCU (or Tech), it’d be a monumental achievement. I agree with your last sentence though, we have to stay a winning program. I don’t even want to think about where we’ll be in the next round of realignment if we have a Tech-like stretch over the next 5-6 years.
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    Regardless of what conference a school is in, an AP Top Ten finish is an AP Top Ten finish and TCU has had a bunch of them in the Gary Patterson era. Three of them while being in the Big 12. Many times winning conference championships and finishing with 11 or more wins.
    TCU has won national championships, finished third in the nation twice in the Gary Patterson era.
    TCU is one of only around ten schools in the nation that has appeared in all six of the New Years Six Bowl Games (Rose, Fiesta, Cotton, Sugar, Peach and Orange), winning four of them (Rose, Cotton, Sugar and Peach).

    Times have changed. Horned Frogs Football has all of the ingredients.
    The media is having more and more influence on realignment and those tv networks want the Metroplex college football tv market where TCU is the P5 home team.
    Location, location, location !

    Prestigious Top 80 US News academics, the very best designed football facilities, beautiful campus in a big city setting.

    Texas Tech has nothing close to these ingredients. They have about the same size enrollment as UT Arlington but they're stuck in Lubbock.
  12. I think we're the only one.
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    Realignment is not about winning records, or tradition, or this and that. Realignment is about money. And a large public school, with a big alumni base, who has some clout (AD was on the playoff committee, they are nationally known especially after final four in basketball, etc.) like Texas Tech will be more valued than a private school not named Notre Dame any day. It sucks, it does.

    The only way to overcome that is the relationships that TCU has with other conferences key decision makers and boosters. Being able to convince that location, that our school actually does better in ratings, academics, facilities can hold big games, ...but really all that it comes down to (or be convinced true or false) to the key participants, TCU brand and location can bring more money to their conference even greater than the money of a large public school with a rabid fan base/alumni could or would bring in good times and bad. Any other argument is mute and troll bait.
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    You don't even know what the hell you're talking about.

    Private schools Miami, Boston College, Syracuse and Notre Dame were invited at different times to the ACC before many public universities wanting to get in that same conference during the same moment such as Pittsburg, West Virginia, Rutgers, Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida, Connecticut, etc.

    TCU, a private institution as well, received an invitation to join the Big East and later the Big 12 before so many public universities who wanted to get in both conferences during that time.

    You can speak with as much absurdity as you want, but there is absolutely no unwritten rule in the college sports landscape that says public universities will be more valued or take priority over private schools in conference realignment.

    Texas Tech brings nothing to the table that would somehow make it more attractive to other P5 conferences over a school like TCU.
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    Haha. Ok. You're the only one speaking absurdity. You can believe whatever you want. I know this stuff way better than your babble. TCU got in because A&M provided a spot (Big 12 wanted another Texas team) and CDC and TCU power players had the relationships. And TCU proved it could bring the money to the conference over other options.

    I'm not saying any public school is above TCU. Please reread what I wrote. I hate Texas Tech but you undervalue what they bring. And it matters not what either Texas Tech or TCU brings it matters what value they can convince the power players of the other conferences if Big 12 breaks apart to send an invite.

    About the other private schools and how they got in the ACC (I said Notre Dame had elite value): Syracuse is a multiple national championship basketball power and that is important to the ACC. Boston College's location was the value of the ACC in 2005 and had the relationships with power players. Miami was a football power (5 football national championships, winning in 2002 right before they left for the ACC in 2004) in a hotbed area which ACC brought in to bring in the major rivalry with FSU. Those private schools had more value and could provide the ACC more revenue if they joined. TCU can beat out anyone in realignment if they prove to the other conferences they will bring more revenue growth than any public school including Texas Tech.
  16. Let’s just all hope that conferences remain the same in 5 years so all of this is a mute point.
  17. Tech had an awesome 2018-2019 season. Let's hope TCU can "Trump" their accomplishments during the 2019-2020 season starting with a Big XII championship game trophy in football. I think I saw we were picked 3rd preason in Big XII volleyball and we have the #6 recruiting class in America.
  18. To attempt to ward off major conference realignment in the near future, we should all agree to be moot so as not give anyone ideas....
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  19. This forum has more mutes than a mime convention lately.

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