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Who are your 3 favorite Frog Basketball players All-Time

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Dutch, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. He frustrated Kleine that night.
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  2. I might have missed it but did anyone mention Reggie Smith?
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  3. Actually, it was Randy Kerth. You left out the manager, Rick Hosea (ricksterH to many). When he died, Hosea willed me his "Elite 8 ring". He was a Marine officer after he graduated.
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  4. 1. Kenny Hustle
    2. Desmond Bane
    3. Hank Thorns

    keep in mind my list is from 03 to present. I won’t include anyone I didn’t see play.
  5. My bad. Thought I had included the Rickster, but messed up the list
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  6. brian carter. my first day at tcu he pulls up in an old cutlass with his own jersey on backwards.
  7. I didn't get to see Goo or Mickey, but Herb was a great 6th man. He was the Energizer Bunny.
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  8. I'm putting Donny Ray on my list too.
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  9. Johnny Pate
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  10. Not much Dalton Dry love in this thread...
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    umm.....why would larry frevert have been at the davis mansion in 1976 when he was still in high school in the kansas city area and didn't come to tcu until 1977?

    pretty sure larry became a doctor and wasn't murdered at the mansion, but that could be me just being confused by race horse haynes defense tactics
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  12. Stan Farr
    Snake Williams/Tim McClenon (same guy?)
  13. I was thinking about Stan Farr. Totally confused. Sorry.
  14. And Owen.
  15. all good to me, now larry might not be too happy you had him killed off....
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  16. As a high schooler, he might have had a good time with Priscilla Davis.
  17. Bret Atwater, Wacker, Thomas
  18. What was crazy about that shot, in addition to the stakes of the game, was the situational play. I'm not sure people who weren't at the game and have only seen replay could even imagine it.
    UT had a foul to give, I think there were 4 seconds left in the game, and so all they had to do was let TCU inbound the ball, run a couple of seconds off the clock, and foul, and the game would be over without us ever getting off a shot.
    My roommate and I were down low on the side where Jamie took the inbounds, closest to the UT goal. I swear Jamie looked like Earl Campbell shedding a tackler, and still maintaining his dribble, when UT was obviously fouling him.
    Refs didn't call it, and the rest is history. But TBH, if I were a UT fan I'd have been losing my mind that the foul wasn't called. Should probably have ended the game right there. Think we probably would have been taking the ball out on the side at midcourt with under 2 seconds left. And you know about Jamie and inbounds plays. . .
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  19. Can’t name just three:

    Darrell Browder
    Carven Holcombe
    Jamie Dixon
    Kurt Thomas
    James Penny
    Lee Nailon
    Corey Santee
    Kyan Anderson
    Vladimir Brodziansky
    Kenrich Williams
    Alex Robinson
    Desmond Bane
    PJ Fuller
  20. I was one of the 70,000. I still have my ticket for that game with the final score written on it to prove it. First sports head rush I ever had when Jamie sank that shot. I almost passed out from yelling so hard.

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