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Who are your 3 favorite Frog Basketball players All-Time

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Dutch, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. Sad that it took this long to get to Bingo Merriex
  2. James Penny. Not even a close second. Most exciting player in TCU history.

    The dunk over Brian Skinner is still the greatest play in TCU history.

    Honorable mention for his impressive pre-game shoot around %: Jon Day.
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  3. Adrick McKinney, Zvonko Buljan, Thomas Montigel
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  4. Brian Carter
    Jay Lomas
    Rod Jacques
  5. Lee Nailon was pretty awesome.
    Bingo was great to watch. Had a put back dunk off a missed free throw against SMU (maybe Fresno) that was sick.
    Greedy Daniels was fun to watch too. Quick hands, could score and always creating turnovers.

    (All-Name Team 2002: Greedy, Rebel, Bingo, Nucleus... didn't really matter who else was on the floor)
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  6. Thomas Montigel oh yes, absolutely.
  7. No one has mentioned Snake Willliams. Quick as a rabbit.
  8. Top Five in no particular order
    Darrell Browder
    Kyan Anderson
    Kurt Thomas
    Lee Nailon
    Desmond Bane
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    1. Jamie Dixon - one of 70,000 people who witnessed the shot. Frog fan for life.

    2. Kurt Thomas - great player, and Geology classmate. Good dude.

    3. Dennis Nutt - hung out with me and roomy in the dorm room at Killingsworth basketball camp. Taught me how to annoy the room below us with a wire hanger and a glass bottle.

    Honorable mention for Penny just for one amazing dunk. Killer for being a good coach and neighbor, and Tubbs for saying hello and buying appetizers on free app night.
  10. Anderson would have been towards the top of everyone’s list if he wasn’t the one that made some terrible teams bad. Would love to see him with the athletes we have now.
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  11. Kurt Thomas
    Doug Arnold
    Herb Stephens
  12. Because results matter. 1967-68 Tournament
    James cash

    Jerry chambers

    Mike Sechrist

    Rick Wittenbraker

    Jeff Harp

    Bill Swanson

    Mickey McCarty

    James Kerth

    Carey Sloan

    Tom Swift

    Tommy Gowan

    Les Bradley
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  13. Junior Graves
    Rich Antee
    Ed Fromayan
  14. Darrell Browder
    Carvin Holcombe
    Goo Kennedy
    Honorable Mention
    6th man- Jeff Baker
    Pure Shooter- Dennis Nutt
    Best Guy EVER at taking a charge.....Cuney Luke
    And the Killer, of course.
  15. Kurt Thomas
    James Penny
    Malcolm Johnson
    Dennis Davis
  16. Danny Hughes
    Doug Arnold
    Craig Sibley
    Tom Mortimer
    John Lewis

    Chris Hall
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  17. And Tim McClendon?
  18. Yes, Scott Brooks simply for the defense he played on Joe Kleine.
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  19. My Dad
    James Cash
    Goo Kennedy
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  20. He was such a good kid in high school. Felt so bad that he had to play all those games at Wilkerson-Greines.
    Wish he could have played on these last few teams.

    I also liked Cory Santee and Bingo.

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