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Who are your 3 favorite Frog Basketball players All-Time

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Dutch, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. Honorable Mention: Kelvin Crawford
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  2. Leap's final post
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  3. too many to mention. But Mickey McCarty gave me a lot of smiles. Played safety when we would run the zone press.

    Also pulled the most hilarious flop of all time. A 140-lb guard brushed by him and Mickey went flying to the floor. And the ref (you think our B12 refs are bad now) called a foul on the poor guard. The DMC crowd erupted into laughter.
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  4. Kennedy, Thomas and Kenrich Williams!
  5. Darrell Browder
    Kurt Thomas
    Kenrich Williams
  6. The ref probably was Shorty Lawson. It seemed that he and his running mate (Can't remember his name) called a lot of our games. Shorty was truly terrible.
  7. Shorty did not like TCU and the feeling was mutual. If he officiated in a game against Texas you were screwed.

    It was a big boon to the SWC when he retired. Allbut one of the schools had a short blurb of the "been a long time, hope you enjoy your new life." From Austin it was like a Eulogy to George Washington...the longhorns loved him.
  8. That was about the time Paul Galvan was officiating. Don't think he who you are referring to though. He did not do many of our games as i recall.
  9. It took me all morning, but Shorty Lawson's running mate was Percy Penn. He ran down the court like he had a cobb up his rear.
  10. Three favorites puts it on the responder to use criteria that can be explained and justified. My criteria is 1. Made a difference on the court, 2. Made a difference in the world and 3. Carries the TCU name and tradition to new heights. The first two are easy:

    1. James Cash center for only TCU team to make the Elite 8, he brokeTCU’s color barrier and then went on to be a Harvard professor and Board Member of some of America’s most influential companies, including Microsoft.

    2. Mickey McCarty, power forward on the same Elite 8 team he was SWC MVP in both basketball AND BASEBALL...but went on to play pro football where he won a Super Bowl ring (first Frog to do so). Later in life he became a legendary softball player. His life was troubled and ended early, but he was a favorite of everyone who saw him play basketball at TCU.

    3. This is the toughest one, because I’m looking at pro and coaching careers to find my third choice, but I have to go with Jamie Dixon because he came home. There are lots of candidates, but he made The Shot!

    Using my criteria, who did I miss?
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  11. Great list. And I never heard of Mickey McCarty before this thread. Dude sounds like a hoss, wish I could’ve seen him play.
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    I played freshmen ball with Mick and we were lifelong friends. Mick was the finest all-around athlete I have ever seen. If there was a ball involved, he could do it. Sadly, his life took a turn with health issues. He had to have 2 heart transplants.
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  13. Herb Stephens definitely belongs on the list.......if for no other reason than the fact that he coached / taught at Paschal!!
  14. Goo Kennedy

    Darrell Browder

    Snake Williams
  15. Kurt Thomas
    Kenny Hustle
    Mike Jones

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