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Who are your 3 favorite Frog Basketball players All-Time

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Dutch, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. Mickey McCarty (how could I forget?)
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  2. James Penny.

    end of discussion.
  3. Do you remember the year Tubbs had lost the team? Were you there when Nucleus gave Tubbs a "get outta here" two handed wave when he turned his back?
  4. I remember this really handsome dude who played from 95-98. He had some hops.

    I heard he's on this board. Can't remember his name tho.
  5. I don't recall that. I had a few classes with him and loved his personality. It was made better by the way he played. Can easily see him doing that.
  6. Corey Santee - dude could fill it
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  7. Eugene "Goo" Kennedy
    Mickey McCarty
    Herb Stephens
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  8. Kenny Hustle
    Hank Thorns
    Desmond Bane
    (Honorable Mention- Vlad)
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  9. Smith, Penny, Bingo, Santee, Shropshire (mainly for him going off against Tech), Fowler and K Williams are others that I considered.
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  10. Loved Bingo too. Good call there.
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  11. Ronnie Smith
  12. Nile Murray
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  13. I’m going with five

    Goo Kennedy
    Darrell Browder
    Carven Holcombe
    Kurt Thomas
    Kenny Hustle

    Bench Desmond and Carl Lott.
    He gets no love. Key piece on a SWC championship team.
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  14. Dennis Nutt
    Brian Christensen
    Greg Grissom

    Honorable mentions: Carven Holcombe, Norman Anderson, Johnny Pate, Tony Papa, Tom Mortimer, Matt Minnis and Scotty Brooks.
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  15. Michael Thoele
    Jeff Jacobs
    Bingo Merriex
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Kenny Hustle easy.
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  18. Herb Stephens
    Carl Lott
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  19. Goo Kennedy
    Simpson Degrate
    Evans Royal
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  20. Darrell Browder, the original Killer Frog. He killed several teams at the buzzer.
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