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Who are your 3 favorite Frog Basketball players All-Time

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Dutch, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. In the afterglow of our glorious win Saturday I started reminiscing. Who are your favorites ?
    1. Darrell Browder
    2. Carven Holcombe
    3. Desmond Bane
    Honorable Mention
    1. Chudi Cinweze
  2. Darrell Browfer
    Dennis Nutt
    Fake Billy Tubbs
  3. Goo Kennedy
    Simpson DeGrate
    Kurt Thomas
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  4. I cant limit it to 3....my list:

    Goo Kennedy
    Darrell Browder
    Carven Holcombe
    Dennis Nutt
    Kurt Thomas
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  5. 1. Kurt Thomas
    2. Carven Holcombe
    3a. Malcolm Johnson
    3b. Mike Jones
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  6. James Cash
    Carven Holcombe
    Jamie, because of "That Shot," even though he had about the most ungraceful form I ever saw and couldn't jump high enough to get two sheets of notebook paper under him.
    Hon. Mention: Matt "Lurch" Minnis, for laying the lumber on some dudes back when that was allowed and necessary, and being a high-grade [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]-talker.
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  7. 3 is not enough.

    Goo Kennedy
    Darrell Browder
    Carven Holcombe
    Jamie Dixon
    Larry Richard
    Jim Killingsworth
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  8. Being fair and limiting it to only guys I've seen play with my own eyes...

    Kurt, Mike Jones, Bane
  9. Mickey McCarty
    Kurt Thomas
    Darrell Browder

    Honorable Mention
    Coco Villarreal
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  10. Jeff Boutelle
    Todd Willis
    Jamie Dixon
  11. kendrick martin- he dominated in the rickle
    craig partridge
    greg grissom - no one could out drink him
  12. Kurt Wall
    Bryan Stinchcomb
    Tom Mortimer
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  13. Kurt, Mike Jones, Lee Nailon
  14. Who?
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  15. Add Gary Turner.
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  16. Too damn hard.


    1) Darrell Browder - Got me excited about TCU basketball.

    2) Carvin Holcomb - Part of SWC championship teams. Great player.

    3) Kurt Thomas - absolute dominate big man.

    Dixon era : Kenny Hustle.

    Bane is still playing and thus not eligible for my list.
  17. He's nowhere near top 3 in TCU history, but Nucleus Smith was one of my favorites. May have been my favorite player during my 6 years at TCU.
  18. He’s probably 4 or 5 on my list. Never forget reverse ally oop he threw down his freshman year. Lord those were some fun teams in that era.
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  19. If I'd put a top 3 together K-Dub would have been on the list. Pretty sure I'd exclude Bane b/c he's too inconsistent - he disappears from games too often for massive periods of time. I think that's lost us too many games. Still love the guy, though.
  20. Where is the love for Larry Frevert?
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