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Who are your 3 favorite Frog Basketball players All-Time

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Dutch, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. Did not want to post until I read leap's list. Leap was first person I thought of when I read the thread title. Leap, I guessed your first 2.
    2314s list:
    Darrell Browder
    Kurt Thomas
    Dennis Nutt (personal, but he was a great player).
    HM: Nick Cucinella, Jeff Baker, Joe Stephen
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  2. Goo
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  3. Art “Artomatic” Pierce. Maybe the greatest FT shooter of all time!
  4. I feel like Karviar Shephard deserves mention here. He was highly-rated (maybe our highest-ever at that point?) could apparently have gone lots of places, and chose to play for the good guys in a high school gym. Lots of challenges, but through it all I never heard a negative word out of him and he worked and played hard despite not getting the results I'm sure he had hoped for. I suspect I'll feel the same about K. Samuel in a year or two.
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  5. We have not had a player like him since he left, a player who could single handedly take over on offense and create his own shot.

    That 2015 team had potential to be good but were just the victim of poor free throw shooting and some bad luck in conference play. If we could just hit free throws at the end of the game we were an NCAA team that year.
  6. He was highly rated out of high school for his defense abilities, the offense was always going to be a work in progress. The issue with him was that other teams targeted him and tried to get him in foul trouble. We never really had another guy inside who could back him up and keep teams from trying to get him out of the game.
  7. Think I remember if we had shot 70% as a team we go like 8-10 or 9-9 in conference that year.
  8. He still comes to a lot of games too. I bet I've seen him 3-4 times this season. Loves the program.
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  9. Had no idea, that's awesome to hear! Hope he's doing well and having a good life.
  10. Isn’t he an assistant coach for the women’s team?
  11. grad assistant which would explain why he is on campus so much of the time.

    i seem to recall karviar having back problems during the end of his time at tcu which really slowed down his ability to contribute, but i could be wrong about that
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  12. Remember hearing about him rushing the court after the Kansas win in 2013. Really good dude
  13. Nucleus Smith
    Jamie Dixon
    Larry Richard
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  14. Yes. I believe you're right.
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  16. Kurt Thomas
    Lee Nailon
    James Penny
    Malcolm Johnson
    Mike Jones
    Prince Fowler
    Reggie Smith
    Michael Strickland
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  17. Sub James Cash for Browder
  18. Prince Fowler
    Lee Nailon
    Colin Bodicker
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  19. Darrell Browder for sure....
  20. Kurt Thomas
    Mike Jones
    Craig Sibley
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