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What are you watching since COVID19 shut down live sports?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Atomic Frawg, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. It’d be funny if it wasn’t happening right before our eyes.
  2. Was never much of a western fan although I really liked Tombstone, but then who didn’t? Also, as I send myself off into the corner, I also liked Silverado.
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  3. Westworld
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  4. I watched grown men play a video game, and other grown men doing a play-by-play of grown men playing a video game. They called it eNASCAR iRacing. Then I watched horse racing. Eli Eli lema sabachthani!
  5. A World War 2 documentary. Also reading a book on D-Day. So brushing up on a little history.
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  6. I believe Lawrence Kasdan had a checklist of each and every Western Movie Cliche and checked them off as he wrote the script for Silverado. That said, it is a gorgeously filmed production, and simply stunning when seen in 70mm like it deserves.
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  7. Outsider on HBO Jason Bateman produced Better than the book Stephen King. Not a Stephen King fan, but this was good...
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  8. For any “0lds” Route 66 with George Maharishi and Martin Milner. Found On You tube, but also on Amazon Prime and others. Love how they used to travel to real places to film. Just watched from 62 Corpus Christi...very nostalgic.
  9. That’d be Maharis in the non Indian version...
  10. About to re-watch Ozark. Season 3 comes out this week.
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  11. Next up - recommended military movies:
    Band of Brothers
    Where Eagles Dare
    Battle of Britain
    Black Hawk Down
    Behind Enemy Lines
    Charlie Wilson’s War
    Crimson Tide
    A Few Good Men
    Heartbreak Ridge
    Full Metal Jacket (first half)
    Hunt for Red October
    King Arthur
    Last Samurai
    The Right Stuff
    Zero Dark Thirty
  12. Never separate Band of Brothers from Pacific. Both were great HBO productions.
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  13. The Hurt Locker
  14. This Tiger King documentary on Netflix is wild. Exotic animal people seem like a special breed.
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  15. Anybody else watching the series called "Alone" on Prime Video? Ten men all dropped off on the coast on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, different places in the wilderness, with just basic equipment....to see who can last the longest (and get $500,000 for his trouble). Self-filmed. In series 1, the winner lasted 56 days. Addictive.
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  16. Thanks for spoiling it.
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  17. Started watching Better Call Saul, season 1, today. Can’t stop. Can’t believe I waited this long.
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  18. A Bridge Too Far
    Battle of the Bulge
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  19. Didn't say which of the ten was the winner, did I? That's the real question...who lasts the longest.
  20. They Were Expendable
    If you can find it see "84 Charlie MoPic"

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