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What are you watching since COVID19 shut down live sports?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Atomic Frawg, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. Seriously, has anyone gone into his/her DVD/BlueRay collection yet? Who still has a VHS collection (and why)?
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  2. beta
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  3. I have pretty much every disney movie prior to 2009 on VHS in my attic. Most aren’t even open. They were my sister’s. Not sure what to do with them, honestly. Don’t have a VCR. Figure I’ll sell them to a collector at some point, I guess.

    As for dvd/Blu-ray, yeah, been introducing my son to some of my old favorites, as appropriate. Unfortunately, many still aren’t at his age. But we’ve watched all the old war movies, a bunch of John Wayne westerns, and just last night started the James Bond series (also with my wife, who hasn’t seen them either), going in order from Dr. No to Spectre. Tonight is my favorite of the series, From Russia with Love, so I’m excited for them to see it.
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  4. You all had your chance to have football. Now you will pay the price for only caring about yourself. Pay now or pay later, you will still pay.
  5. what?
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  6. Mister Roberts is always worth watching simply because of William Powell.
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  7. Who?
  8. Last night I watched My All American on Starz. I've never paid much attention to UT football, so was not familiar with the Freddie Steinmark story. Impressive movie. Reviews on Imdb from people who witnessed the events said the movie was spot on.
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  9. I stumbled upon Rock Skipping. Who knew it was actually a thing? It is. Pretty sure I could even be competitive.

    There were 5 of us outside at Railhead in Aledo. We were almost giddy that A) we were out and B) watching something resembling a live sport.
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  10. DVDs
    I know I am getting older because I have seasonal preferences as to the rotation of when the various ones are played.
  11. Perry Mason on HBO is pretty goshdarn good. Nothing like the original, but a good 30s LA detective show.
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  12. Finally getting around to binging Sopranos, incredible show and not overhyped at all
  13. I think it’s horrible. Totally unrelated to Perry Mason as known by any fan. They should have given the script a different name, then tossed it into the trash. Boring as can be, and I wanted to like it.
  14. I didn’t know anything about Perry Mason. I did find it interesting that they revealed the murderer early on.

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