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What are you watching since COVID19 shut down live sports?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Atomic Frawg, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. Longmire
    Might finally get around to Sopranos
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  2. Thanks.
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  3. Midget porn.
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  4. I watched a movie called Dark Water about DuPont chemical poisoning the water supply in West Virginia. Kind of an Erin Brockovich story with Mark Ruffalo instead of Julia Roberts.
    Way better than I expected.
  5. Where did you find it?

    Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu?

    I'm working on Season Four of Outlander.
  6. Incredible

    I haven’t slept past 6:45 in probably 2 years.
  7. Any specific titles you recommend?
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  8. Yah I couldn’t sleep that late even if the wife and kids weren’t home. Body clock just won’t allow it anymore.
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  9. The Longmire books have a story line much better than the TV series (which I loved).

    Start with a Christmas in Absaroka County and then read or listen in order.

    The old Sheriff, Lucian, is an ex-Doolittle Raider living in the nursing home where he regularly shoots holes in the big screen TV because he does not like the news.
  10. Get Shorty?
  11. I tried to get into the Longmire series. It was recommended to me and seems like something I’d like, but it was boring. Just not a very compelling storyline.
  12. You need to read the books

    also - if you like reading that genre - try CJ Box

    they are great books also
  13. If you’re into sci-fi Netflix has a series called Dark

    I’ve watched both seasons multiple times, I dig it.
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  14. Shoot low, Sheriff.
    She's ridin' a Shetland.

    [Old Bob Wills tune]
  15. Still the King
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  16. My wife went to Walgreens to get some medicine and got it on DVD at a Redbox. We live in the country and have limits on streaming. We use netflix and amazon prime on our phones, but home internet is limited, so using it all up on a movie is not ideal.
    *I feel as though I have to defend using a DVD with this group, as if I was using an 8-track tape in my car...
  17. Maybe that Dark Water is why West Virginia has no reported cases of Wuhan Flu
  18. We've been watching Penny Dreadful on Netflix. Interesting show, but certainly not family friendly.
  19. Still watch DVDs. Some movies and shows aren't available streaming.
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  20. underworld is on ifc

    kate beckensale in leather carrying machine pistols.........,
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