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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCURiggs, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. So the likely candidate to replace the guy who allegedly looked the other way when a fellow coach was abusing his wife is a guy who allegedly looked the other way when a fellow coach was abusing children?

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  2. Is it a cut and dry situation?

    Either he knew or he didn't, if he did, he gone?
  3. And there it is. Hopefully the team falls apart in the next few weeks
  4. If you search a bit you'll see that title IX has been determined to apply to faculty and staff. One site references North haven v bell 456 US 512 (for you attorneys) and says it applies broadly, to relationship violence among other things.

    So yes, domestic violence between two university employees would be covered.
  5. Well, that didn't take very long...
  6. The OSU Vienna Sausage Trash fans are going to go nuts
  7. Good cite.

    My wife says if I yell at her loudly it's a potential T9 violation.

    I tell her she can't count that high.
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  8. The (now ex-)wife is not a university employee.
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  9. Isn't Bob Stoops from Ohio?
  10. Baron Browning just left me a vm. Weird.
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  11. I dunno, win or lose I don't want our one shot at Ohio State to have that asterisk of "Yeah but they were going through a scandal".
  12. Oh right, it's Meyer's wife who is. I assume that a university employee who becomes aware of an assault by another university employee is likely a mandated reporter under title IX. And that covering up knowledge like this can surely be considered a title IX issue.
  13. Football is a weird culture world.

    Instead of going to the police, abused wife goes to parents...who say, "Quiet, what will you and the kids do?" (hmmm...not get beat up?). Then, again instead of going to police, she goes to the head coaches wife!!! Not the coach, the coach's wife, and expects things to get fixed. Coach's wife maintains communication with her, but victim never asks, "Did you tell the coach like you said you were going to do?"

    I remember thinking this during some of the Baylor thing...why are you going to coaches? It is as if the football world is this autonomous community where the head coach is also the chief of police, mayor, etc..., all rolled into one.

    I understand reticence to go to the police, but geez, lady, you're getting beat up, and you're not going to the only people who can ensure real consequences if it doesn't stop!
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  14. There also exists the possibility that the team takes on a giant chip on their shoulder and goes out kicks erryone’s ass.
  15. Not a football thing. Domestic violence is an ugly thing, and reporting it often results in more severe violence. Police can't always help, and can't ensure consequences. I've been close to a similar situation.

    Very sad.

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