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Uhoh, Urban...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCURiggs, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. His heart condition may soon flare up again

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  2. Oh yeah, more time with family is definitely in order!
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  3. Brett is going to make this personal with how Urban called him out at media days and I’m going to love every second of it
  4. [​IMG]

    I think I have a new favorite gif
  5. Urban's wife will say she never told him and everyone will go Harrumph.
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  6. Already building an elaborate excuse when he loses to Patterson.
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  7. With the sexual abuse lawsuits on top of this, they got a lot going on at tOSU. Lots of sign possibilities for the game.....

    The guys suing the school over the now dead doctor, said coaches would laugh when players came back from the doctor, and ask, 'Did he check your testicles? He always checks your testicles, even if you have a sore throat"
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  8. Not sure that is possible, his wife is an employee of Ohio State as an instructor of Clinical Practice in the Nursing School. If anything she is now bound by Title IX along with her husband and everyone else who knew about it.
  9. It's Ohio State. I don't see them doing anything unless they have a losing season. If they were worried about integrity, they would not have hired Urban given the information that was out there about what he did at Florida.
  10. They have fired every head coach they’ve had for the last 60 years including two that won national titles, so they aren’t afraid to fire someone. They just don’t fire anyone until they are forced when info gets to the public.
  11. Wexahu, thoughts?
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  12. Exactly, they fired Tressel for his players trading memorabilia for free tats.
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  13. Can’t be true...Guys a Saint...
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  14. Will they shoot for Dabo?
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    If Herman had a good year last year it’d probably be him
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  16. Probably should go ahead and release him. I don't understand why top coaches choose these hills to die on.
  17. Meyer is a snake, this story doesn't surprise me at all. Hopefully one of these days he'll get exposed.

    I think it's pretty much schtick that you guys throw at me about Ohio State so the jokes on me I guess (and these things are best left ignored), but seriously, anyone who actually thinks I'm an Ohio State fan is a special kind of ignorant. I hope OSU crashes and burns. But who I'm a fan of makes zero difference in who I think should make the playoffs, play in bowl games, or anything else. And I can guarantee that if the tables were turned in 2014 and we were the 12-1 team who had just won the B12 championship by 59 points, there isn't one TCU fan who would've accepted not making the playoffs. Not one. So it wasn't a case of us getting screwed or a playoff committee having an agenda, it was a case of us not getting our way, period.

    And I'm sorry to dig this back up, but I didn't start it. :)

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