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This is the XFL!!....it's coming back.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. No, directly across from what will be the home plate entrance. It's massive. Im guessing it has 2500 spaces. Not sure if you know of a thing called Google maps but it may be helpful in giving you an idea.

    There's still what's left of Lot B. Lot C is still there. Lot J is right across from Texas Live. Lot D isn't too far of a walk. The Cowboys have 2 lots right across the street. Plenty of parking for what will be a smaller venue.
  2. Personally I think lot D is the best spot. That's where we usually park. It's always pretty easy to get in and out of.
  3. No, we actually caught that. They took the time to translate the sideline banter for their viewers, which was comedy gold all by itself...
  4. :p Always enjoy a "He Hate Me" reference.,...BTW, couldn't get past watching the first quarter. Boring. This league is stupid to start ONE week after the most important game in professional football and after fans have watched for 5 straight months. Start at the time the USFL did - latest spring into summer. Geez XFL, make us MISS football first before you cram this minor league down our throats.
  5. Opening game did 3.3 million viewers. For an afternoon game, that's nothing short of great.

    Some overall thoughts on Week 1:

    -Biggest take-away, I can't believe that it's 2020 and the XFL just successfully kicked off a season without it being a laughing stock. 19 years ago, I remember watching the first game in Clark, and by the third quarter it becoming very apparent that this thing wasn't going to work. Sure enough, within three weeks it was a literal punchline. Everything bad about that 2001 kickoff, it was the exact opposite here. No gimmicks, no sleaze, no WWE, the rule changes actually worked, and most importantly the quality of play outside of maybe the Dallas game was good.

    -Am I the only one that thought the new kickoff rules were going to lead to some bigger returns? Since there's really only that one line, it seems like you should be able to bust a big return if you can get past that. Instead, pretty much every return went to the 30. It still works, and it's definitely safer than the traditional kickoff. Wouldn't be surprised to see that in the NFL pretty shortly.

    -I've said it before, but I absolutely love the look into the replay booth. There's absolutely no downside to that, bring that to college and the NFL right now.

    -As most have mentioned, the other rule changes are pretty great. I was hoping we'd see how overtime works in the Dallas game, but everything else worked out better than I thought it would. initially I thought the 25 second play clock would be too short we run into a lot of delay-of-game penalties, but that really wasn't the case.

    -Was a little disappointed in this Sunday afternoon game presentation. Maybe it was due to what was going on in the field, or maybe it was the announcers, or a combination. Refs were more flag-happy, the clock kept messing up, Galloway missing things left and right, and McAfee being a bit of an acquired taste, didn't enjoy that one as much as the Saturday games.

    -Crowds were respectable and all four locations, and looked decent enough on TV. That said, given the reception that this is received, I'm hoping that attendence can grow over the course of the season, rather than this be the high point due to it being opening day. It would be a success to see numbers in the 20s or even 30s.
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  6. LA fired their DC today after their loss to Houston Saturday.
  7. Over 29k in attendance for the Seattle game. That's really good.

    I'm betting that St.Louis has a big crowd for their first home game too.
  8. I was hoping the XFL would play the game without pads and helmets.
  9. Just glad Dallas won a game.
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  10. St Louis just announced sell out at 28,000.

    The Dallas versus Los Angeles game was a bit of a stinker until the fourth quarter, but then it really turned on and became the second best game of the week. More of that please. St Louis vs Houston was awesome as well, but unfortunately a blown call overshadowed it. Still not sure why they weren't able to review it.

    Also, this is my favorite meme from Week 2. That's Los Angeles' head coach when his offense has a first and goal.

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  11. I’ve enjoyed this XFL start. I hope it continues to gain viewers and becomes a sustainable product. It will never compete with NFL for many reasons, but if expectations are contained a bit, I think it can be fun to watch.

    Sporting events that have smaller stadiums can be a ton of fun being closer to the field of play. I’m not a soccer guy, but FC Dallas games are a blast to attend. Big part of that is proximity to the field. Not a bad seat in the house.
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  12. They actually tried something like this with the AAF last year. San Antonio team, for example, was only allowed to recruit from Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico colleges, or something along those lines. I loved it, actually, and the football was much better than the sloppy stuff I've seen so far from XFL. Talked with my dad the other day, and he tuned in to one of the games until the end of the first quarter. It was 0-0. He turned it off for a bit to watch something else, came back during halftime and it was 0-0. Turned it off again and came back during the start of the 4th...still 0-0.

    Don't get me wrong, I love football, and I love the new rules (especially the kickoff), but I thought they were supposed to encourage high-octane, exciting games. The sloppy play is what's limiting it. Some games have been exciting, I know, but on the whole I'm a bit underwhelmed.
  13. Stl Battlehawks tickets for their home opener this coming Sunday are $120 on stubhub after fees for the CHEAPEST seats available.

    I expect the offenses to start looking better after a few more games. They haven't had enough time to gel and did not have preseason to get into a groove.
  14. Not sure what he was watching, but it wasn't an XFL game. There been a few games that certainly had some low scores, but not a single game thus far has gone into halftime tied 0-0, let alone the 4th.
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  15. Seattle-Tampa was undoubtedly the worst game thus. Tampa was playing their backup QB (Taylor Cornelius out of Okie State), and Seattle's QB just isn't very good. Those appear to be the two worst teams in the league, so hopefully when they aren't playing each other the games will be more exciting. DC, Houston, and St Louis have all played well together so far, Dallas looks to be back on track now that Landry Jones is playing for them. LA's offense was way better with Johnson at QB.

    NY is the interesting one to me. It'll be interesting to see which Matt McGloin is the real Matt McGloin. The guy that played well Week 1, or the guy that had a meltdown in threw his team under the bus n Week 2?
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  16. Houston games have been a blast. Offense is better than ours.
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  17. My general impression is that the XFL is kind of like watching two above average (but not great) college teams.

    Overall, it beats watching two NBA teams I don’t care about, and it’s FOOTBALL, so I enjoy it. I WILL watch more!

    Go Frogs!
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    That [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] was funny. The sideline reporter asked him what it was going to take to get the offense going and he said they needed to change the whole entire gameplan at halftime. He was pissed. I was laughing like hell. That was live tv at its finest.


  19. Worlds colliding!!
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