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This is the XFL!!....it's coming back.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Wow just watched the replay official completely get that review wrong (overruled the first down called on the field.) And now that the communications between the official and the field are televised, we can all see the incompetence in action.
  2. Yup. Love the kickoff rule, love mic'd up replays. Play has been fairly good, including some razzle-dazzle on some trick plays. Infinitely better than the last time they tried the XFL
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  3. Sloppy football but....I’m entertained.
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  4. This QB for Seattle is absolutely terrible
  5. One minute in the game 2, there's a scuffle on the extra point attempt, and I hear"Looks like Ahmad Dixon in on the scuffle"

    This is my shocked face.
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  6. From Troy. I know they were good at some point but not sure if he was around when they were...certainly didn’t look like much.
  7. And Dixon just knocked himself out spearing a guy.
  8. Beat me to it.
    Was going to post it was good to see Ahmad Dixon leave the game.
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  9. Tickets tobthe game tomorrownstart at $69. Nice.
  10. Omg that hit. The looks of the people in the background.
  11. And now Oakman comes in for personal foul.
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  12. I think this has gone pretty well today. I've watched both games while also watching college basketball. The quality of play isn't terrible. Usually a new league with players who are rusty on teams who have never played together before is a train wreck, but for the most part its been as good as can be expected.
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  13. Had a blast at the Houston Roughnecks game. Longest merchandise sales lines that I’ve ever seen including when I was at the Astros World Series game. It was insane. I looked at $70 jackets and all they had left was size S.
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  14. Heh. Watched on fubo last night, with the feed in Spanish from FOX Deportes. Instead of the usual witless blather, we got incomprehensible (But enthusiastic!) gibberish. I'll take the latter...
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  15. You missed out on Brock-face

  16. Cumbie’s fault.

    Am I doing this right?
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  17. Going to the Renegades opener tonight ... should be a lot of fun
  18. Cheapest tickets on the aftermarket are 89 for a pair. Can't believe people are paying what they are.
  19. We bought direct and got them for $36, would not pay $89
  20. I wouldn't either. Meant to get some when they went on sale and forgot. Was just going to get the cheapest since I was taking my 4-year-old and didn't want to spent too much. When I remembered last week all they had left were the $36 tickets. Figured those cheaper end tickets would be found at a reasonable price on SH but they kept going up. Something seems a little fishy...no one in their right mind would pay upwards of $60, right?
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