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This is the XFL!!....it's coming back.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Wasn't the head ref in the Dallas-St. Louis game in the movie "The Crying Game"?
  2. Not terrible so far. Something I was thinking about that would be way more interesting to me is if they split the teams up by college conference.

    I would be way more interested to tune into a Big 12 alumni vs SEC alumni on Sundays and stir up some interconference [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] talking leading up to college kickoff.

    No idea if this would work logistically, but I'd think there would be enough players to get a team for the power fives, independents, group of five and a D2 squad.
  3. Were they black jackets?
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  4. Joey Galloway has zero chemistry with his partner in the booth.
  5. Nobody lighting it up in this one...Where are all those Air Raid fireworks
  6. Pretty entertaining so far.

    - Great atmosphere, people are really into it and it’s a good crowd.
    - Parking... since the stadium is only half open, there is a ton of parking
    - Production - everything is really well oiled and feels like a normal FBS or NFL game
    - Seating - since only the lower sections are open, all of the seats are great. The only negative is that the end zone seating is a little high, so it’s kind of hard to see what’s going on in the close end zone.
    - Price - we got decent end zone seats for under $40, less than most FBS games and wayyyy less than NFL. Parking was kind of expensive but at least (as I mentioned) it was very close.

    - This is obviously going to vary by game and team, but neither of these teams seems to be worth a wet fart on offense
    - CONCESSIONS. I’ve never seen such a poorly managed concession experience at a sporting event, including junior high basketball games with student-run concessions.
    —- Every. Single. Line. Has a 20 minute wait. And I know it’s every single line, because I walked around the entire stadium. One half of the stadium (the side where they had to build seating out into the former outfield) has zero open concessions.
    —- They ran out of a few certain beers within the first quarter, at least in some of the stands.

    Overall pretty good but I’ll admit I’m super salty because I waited half an hour in line and they were sold out of the only thing I wanted :-(
  7. Cole Hunt getting an air cast on his leg. Game stopped down for EMT assistance.
  8. He sucks at life.
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  9. This has been the worst game so far quality wise.
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  10. Renegades QB is 31/39 for 195 yards. Ridiculous.
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    Pat McAfee is awful.

    Seems like a [ profanity ] with his bolo tie and torn pants.
  12. Renegades were the only home team to lose this weekend. Good job Dallas.

    Big game Bob sucked tonight. Hopefully the offense gets better when Landry Jones comes back.

    And yes the lines were horrible. For only 17,000 people the concession stands were completely understaffed. At one point before kickoff the line to the pro shop stretched past the home plate gate. Luckily we were able to get in and out fairly quick because we got there kinda early. Love this football I picked up.

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  13. We enjoyed it, got to the stadium about 45 minutes before kickoff, parked in a private lot maybe 1/4 mile from the stadium for $15.
    An aside: I don't know where the Rangers think people are going to park, there were only 17k at this game.
    Concessions/merchandise lines were ridiculous from the start.
    Bathroom lines were ridiculous because everyone leaves at the same time.
    Pace of the game was great, it was played in less than 3 hours, first quarter right at 30 minutes. College and NFL need to take note.
    Defense was better than offense on both teams. Liked the way the kickoff plays out
    and also the 1-2-or 3 point option on extra points.
    Official timekeeper needs to learn the rules, he was called out three times during the 2-minute warning in the first half.
    We all agreed that we'd go to see another game. It was fun, despite the result.
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  14. Weird choice of OC’s by Stoops. I guess I didn’t realize Jerry Springer was into coaching.
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  15. The scoreboard operator did not have a good night either. He was behind on what down it was most of the night. There was one series where the Renegades ran a hurry up offense and went 4 and out. The Battlehawks offense was on the field and the scoreboard still read 2nd down for Dallas.
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  16. As for parking, there's a huge lot across the street from the south side of the new park opening when the baseball season begins.
  17. Definitely not for everyone but dude is one of the hardest working and real media types out there. Absolutely hilarious and really good at what he does imo. That is if you’re talking about Pat McAfee
  18. Where? South of Division?
    And the new ballpark looks nowhere close to being finished and totally antiseptic. I am not excited.
  19. Yea at the sneak peek it looked like theres still alot of work to do.

    20200209_205733.jpg 20200209_205801.jpg
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