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This is the XFL!!....it's coming back.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Per Turpin’s IG Story, he got an invite to XFL. Guessing that’s a tryout invite.

    I bet he becomes a star in that league.
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  2. XFL drafts going on today and tomorrow. Going to have a number of drafts broken up by skill position, OL, Defensive Front 7, DB's, and "everyone left".

    Kyle Hicks has been selected by the Houston Roughnecks.

    Other Frogs in the player pool are Diarse, Taj Williams, Cole Hunt, Fabuluje, Maponga, Jawuan Johnson, Texada, and Orr. Neither Boykin nor Turpin are listed.
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  3. Hicks appears to have retired due to lingering knee injuries and won't play for Houston this year.

  4. Does he need Cumbie to be his head coach?
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  5. Ha! LOVE your He Hate Me reference. HHM went on to play in NFL.
  6. XFL starts again tomorrow and Houston plays tomorrow on tv. I believe they play the LA team at 4:00 pm central on Fox.

    Seattle plays Washington DC at 1:00 pm central on ABC.
  7. We're going to the Dallas Renegades game on Sunday.
  8. Actually pretty excited for this. Appears to be infinitely better run than both the last time as well as last year's AAF. The TV deal is great, and it'll be cool to see some former frogs again.
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  9. That’ll be pretty neat. Report back your thoughts from a live attendance when you get home.
  10. Plan on going. Went to the open house they had last week. Renegade for live. #renegadenation
  11. So are we. Sitting in section 24.
  12. Of course the Obama ref has the honor of working the first game. That man will work anywhere Stansly M (no attempt at spelling ) had a huge hit on a D C player on the last drive
  13. The rest of the world can witness the incompetence.
  14. QB play is bad. Cardinal Jones isn’t good and the other guy is worse
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  15. Whoooops
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  16. Hahaha I do not think the editing room was prepared for all the expletives.
  17. QB and OL play is going to be the worst part of the league
  18. One of my favorite things is how the head coaches talking into the microphone and covering his mouth with his play sheet. But then it goes directly live over the broadcast…
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  19. Cardale with a couple of nice throws on the td drive just now.
  20. It has been far more fun to watch than I anticipated. Hope it succeeds.
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