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The Transfer Portal claims another one...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bmoney214, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Passed by every scholarship Qb since he’s a walk on
  2. Committed coast to coast! I like Ledee tho, good for him
  3. Impressive (or concerning) that apparently one gyn isn’t sufficient for your needs.
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  4. you friends with richard gere?​

  5. rumble jumble good news coming
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  6. Jake, you're getting biblical on us now. Can we take it to the Bank?
  7. man, you suck. now I want to know.
  8. No, not shored up yet
  9. Offense or defense
  10. bet steel's life on it being banks
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  11. What?! They got the roaches out of the Chick Fit A pot?
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  12. Tulsa transfer originally from McKinney

  13. not a surprise but about Shadrach Banks

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  14. Apparently Banks is open to switching positions
  15. damn, so steel gets to live?
  16. You sound like the Hamburgler.
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  17. I'm confused here...

    From what I gather, Steel ate McDonalds food, had belly issues, had belly scanned, found hamster on fire scurrying through his gut ("Excuse me, waitress. I ordered this well done..."), and the prognosis is non-fatal. Although he is not recommended to sit on objects known to be flammable for at least a week...

    Is that it?
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  18. Steel was gerbil jousting with Richard Geer? Can't pretend to be surprised.
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  19. It doesn't sound like you're confused at all to me.
  20. I heard that this was one of those myths, and for so many people to know the details so well, it has to be true, right?
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