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The Transfer Portal claims another one...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bmoney214, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Took longer than I expected.
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  2. I guess I had just assumed he did this like a year ago. Had no idea he was still on the team.
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  3. Don't let the door knob hit you where the Good Lord split you...
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  4. I think he read Wyomingfrog's post on LB's and figured he had no shot at playing time.
  5. GP can frustrate the hell out of me but If you've ever wondered just how family like TCUs program is, Jordan is a great example. Kid has had to have his hand held daily just to get him in to school and to this point. In addition, he had a drama filled off season in which he said a bunch of stupid slanderous things about his HC and still TCU, specifically GP, wouldn't give up on him. I know the family vibes don't mean much to 5 star guys but if they ever grasped just how much GP really wants to see them succeed they'd be lining up at the door. He isn't cool, he sometimes embarrassingly screams in kids faces, and he even sometimes talks like a confused blind man in a corn maize. But he's a hell of a defensive mind that genuinely cares about the kids and seeing them grow into men that can excel at life.
  6. I honestly have no idea why he stayed but with the other transfer coming in he saw he had no chance is playing anything other than special teams.
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  7. Kevin Samuel enters the transfer portal.

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  8. very interesting
  9. Smart...He’s hedging his Pro bet because he’s not getting the feedback he wants. I think TCU is ready to move on from him
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  10. Going to miss his free throws.
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  11. he already does.
  12. I bet this ends less than ideally for him. He REALLY needs to pick the right school. Aims too high and he’s gonna be a bench guy.
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  13. Overwrought with the....."grass is greener" syndrome.
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  14. He graduated. Congrats to him for getting a degree and best wishes in his future endeavors.
  15. Wish Kevin the best but anyway you look at it, he has not played to his ability. Not sure it was the system or what be he has a lot more talent than what we saw.
  16. So is he.
    This is allowed because he is no longer a student-athlete at TCU.
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  17. Wait, he was still here?
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  18. Yes

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