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The Transfer Portal claims another one...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bmoney214, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. I personally think it should be NCAA tourney or bust this year.
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    We just took another Aggie transfer that IS a guard so there's your swap.

    I hope he's related to Trip. #sexualicon
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  3. This McNeilly kid sounds interesting.... highly rated 4 star in 2019, hurt in 2020, opted out in 2021.... so he's never played a minute of college ball. Bit of a Schrödinger's cat type situation. Let's hope he's "alive".
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  4. Or maybe that his transfer is the quantum event needed to bring him to life.
  5. Not gonna argue my goal over yours, because having higher goals (like yours) can motivate better than too-easily reached goals. But looking at our history since the Tubbsian Age we're 'pertnear the antithesis of a "basketball school," hence my more modest goal-setting. Probably all two of us will be proven wrong.
  6. So time to project a starting lineup again?
  7. McNeilly and Miller from same town in Ontario, so not shocking he is tagging along
  8. wait two weeks......
  9. really shouldn't be a surprise that dixon has flipped over the roster. things apparently got a bit heated in a coaches meeting after the season when he was asked who he wanted to replace.

    here is his response:

  10. That's no fun:





  11. Who..." as in players? or as in coaches?
  12. based upon the last couple of seasons., nobody should be safe
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  13. I would project the lineup to look like this:

    PG Wells/Farabello
    SG Miles/Evans/Baugh
    SF Peavy/McNielly
    PF Miller/ O'Bannon
    C Cork/Doumbia/Lampkin

    There is still 1 roster spot open
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  14. never have understood based upon his play the thought o'bannon is a 4.

    i understand the theory of stretching the floor, but he needs to get much more consistent from the outside and gives up too much on the defensive end.
  15. My starters would be
    PG Wells
    SG Mike
    W Peavy
    PF Miller
    C Doumbia

    Baugh, Evans and FF should see lots of court time. McNeilly is the wild card. He could play any of the 1,2 or 3 positions.

    What the staff does with Chuck will be interesting as he can play the 3 or 4. Where Cork gets most of his minutes will be something to watch for. I think he’ll play mostly 5 but he can probably defend the 4 well enough. Unless he really gets in shape I wonder just how much Eddie will see the floor.
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  16. Good for him. SDSU is a solid program.
  17. I hate this thread.

    Make it stop!
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  18. I'm not sure Eddie can help us.
  19. Yes, good for him.

    I just never understand the "committed" part when it's a persons third school.
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