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The Transfer Portal claims another one...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bmoney214, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. This time it's Kellton Hollins.

    Seemed like a good guy. Good luck Kellton.
  2. Dude will be a leader of some sort at some point in the near future.
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  3. Best wishes to you Kellton. You are a great Frog! I look forward to following your career.
  4. Hollins is an awesome kid. His character will be greatly missed.

    There will be another player shortly
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  5. Vongor joined him. Think we're moving into double digits at this point. The new reality of college football.
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  6. Wish we had a donor that could contribute to the aOSU or Bama OLs, and OL Coaches to transfer to TCU....
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  7. Kelton was a 5th year senior who the coaches probably told to graduate and move on...great kid but we can use the scholly elsewhere.
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  8. If Bama has a water boy enter the portal we need to back up the Brinks Truck.
  9. that would leave the frogs with 8 safeties on the roster and one of those is mike o who has never truly recovered from the knee injury.

    hopefully they can add a couple of prospects at the next signing date
  10. Maybe, but it is also likely that he is looking to get started on his Doctoral work for free.
  11. I don't know what sort of "Doctor" he is talking about, but in my observation all of them command serious attention and time commitments. Anyone that can work on a Doctor and play college football (at any level) has my respect. Best of luck to Kellton.
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  12. I would imagine a good number of the transfer portal kids fit this profile. Probably not going to play much, coach would probably prefer they move on and open a scholarship. In any event, I think 5 years is enough for anyone to be in college, barring some serious freak injury or something that put a kid on the shelf for a couple years.
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  13. Looks like TCU football is playing the Transfer Portal Game well. Dead weight on some of these guys leaving and then they are being replaced by higher rated, proven D1 players. Lead on TCU.
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  14. clicked on the link provided by one frog nation and saw tcu walk ons who have been with tcu a few seasons who are in the portal and a few questions popped up in my head.

    when i look at the list of kids who are transferring across the country, the lack of guidance on the declaration of the covid year of eligibility, and kids still not being allowed to officially visit campuses etc.... this is such a mess
  15. the two linemen do have a track record and look to be able to fill needs. i would love to see an interior offensive lineman or maybe a tightend, but with limited numbers right now and needs at safety for depth i am not sure the frogs add much more via the transfer route
  16. A lot of people in the portal, but not a lot of big contributors. Wilson and (maybe?) White are the biggest contributors from that list.
  17. 14 out and 3 in on that list. Are TCU's numbers Higher, or in line with other Big 12 Schools
  18. white and hollins started in the offensive line multiple games at multiple positions and to me are the biggest contributors on the transfer list.

    hunt, stephens, thomas, and davis all started/ played in multiple games at receiver but don't fit the offense/ got passed by quentin johnson

    vonger got hurt early and never really seemed to get up to speed after the injury, bowen seemed to be always hurt and played sparingly, wallace arrived from juco damaged goods and never did much, eli williams makes you question the evaluation of quarterback prospects in 2019, no one can prove to me brown actually exists, and wilson played a bit but seemed to struggle in the defense. you really, really have to be able to run in this defense now it seems or have great instincts.

    aside from the receivers not many what if's based upon what we saw once they got on campus

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