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The Transfer Portal claims another one...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bmoney214, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. And I've never understood why a kid who clearly isn't gonna make a living playing basketball wouldn't just pick a good school, stay there, and get his degree regardless of how the basketball part is going. I guess I know the answer, it's more the advice these kids are getting that I don't understand.
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  2. You should let the mods know there’s an issue with the website, and you’re stuck in a thread you didn’t click on. Hopefully they get that fixed up for you!
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  3. I don’t get that either. It must be they just love the game. I have a friend whose son is playing at a tiny school in Texas and isn’t getting the playing time he wants so he is transferring to an even smaller school. These are schools that would get obliterated by 6A schools. It doesn’t make any sense to me but maybe I didn’t love the game that much.
  4. While I agree with you, I also understand some kids just want to find as much playing time as possible before it's all over for them regardless of their pro prospects.

    It would be nice, though, if there were a few more kids out there with an understanding that backups and role players are also needed on teams and sometimes that's what you are.
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  5. I'm just bothered that more kids/families don't grasp the real reason why they're going to college. This is going back 10 or so years but there was a JR at Rice that transferred for his SR year so he could pitch at SHSU. He had absolutely ZERO future in pro baseball. The idiocy of trading a Rice degree for 30-40 innings on the mound and a SHSU degree still sticks with me to this day.
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  6. I get what you are saying but I’d take a CJ degree from SHSU over a CJ degree from Rice any day of the week. If the only reason he transferred was to pitch then it doesn’t seem to make sense but there could be more to it including running out of money and figuring you were about to get smoked by upper level classes at Rice.

    I’m significantly more baffled by these 5 and 6 transfers to play D2 and low D1 baseball then the one transfer kids.
  7. I agree. I just see the other side too. And if that Rice degree was a priority then I guess he could always go back for a semester and finish out there after his playing days. No idea how plausible that would be for him specifically or anyone in general but at least in theory that option would be on the table.

    But in general you're right that clearly the degree is not a priority for many of these kids who make these decisions. No idea how many of them end up regretting that later on or treasure the playing memories so much that they're ok with it.
  8. On the surface I agree, but maybe he wants to be a HS baseball coach after college and the Rice degree doesn’t really matter. If he’s that passionate about baseball then he’d probably look back more fondly on those 30-40 innings than the Rice degree.
  9. You could very well be right. Just think if he gets in a little better shape then he has enough in his game to help us.
  10. I get what you're saying, but his energy on the bench tells me he's a really great teammate. That certainly doesn't hurt us.
  11. Since he’s one of the few still here I would think the coaching staff must see something in him.
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    revenge tour? he playing for the football team next fall?
  13. My gastroenterologist saw something in me...
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  14. Buecler? Buecler?
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  15. Maybe he just really wanted to walk in the hallowed dugout and locker room of the program built by legendary Coach Skeeter.
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  16. I read this as gynecologist at first.
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  17. Prob got passed by Jackson
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  18. I see them next week.
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