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The Transfer Portal claims another one...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bmoney214, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. all this transferring is ridiculous. but getting A$Ms best player feels good. He is probably better than Fuller

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  2. He is definitely better than Fuller. I give JD credit, what we've added is far better than what we've lost.
  3. It's the trend in the sports entertainment industry. I myself entered the portal a while back and am now more than ever a PBR follower. (No, not the beverage PBR, the other one.) Not missing the traditional programming much at all.
  4. Potentially career/job saving off-season
  5. Yea. I hate this transfer stuff. But , we have upgraded on virtually everyone who left.

    I do wish PJ the best though. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him blossom.
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  6. Dixon has done exactly what he needed to do. Turn the roster over and upgrade the talent. Now it’s up to him to do something with it.

    Clock starts now.
  7. Needs to pick a school with a system that fits his style.
  8. Hope he brings in another stud recruiter. And continues the play upgrade. Needs a couple more 6'8" forwards
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  9. Impressive list. Although Xavier Cork transferred from Western Carolina. Guess he got his name confused with the school.
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  10. Saw that and thought if he really went to Xavier he would never transfer.
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  11. As much as I appreciate PJ’s effort during the last two years, Miller for Fuller seems like a trade that improves TCU, especially up front. Absent additional strong improvement, PJ’s playing time was going to be reduced.
    Anybody have updates on RJ or Kevin? When does the NBA give draft feedback?
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  12. All this seems kinda shady…kinda like that Nick Nolte movie where the old coach just turned a blind eye and some big $$ boosters went out and bought a new team.

    I don’t know how else this program can convince these players to come when there has been inconsistent evidence that this coach can do anything with it.
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  13. Blue Chips..... what an awful movie.
  14. PJ is a guard. We aren't bringing in a forward to replace him.

    I always liked PJ. Felt he would be another Parrish/Nembhard type who would get better every year and become a key piece his junior and senior years.

    The reality is that the xfer portal has made developing guys like that obsolete. It's a real shame, but I don't think we're going to see many more guys spend 4 years at a school if they aren't contributing on day 1. PJ has loads of potential. I hope he puts it together somewhere.
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  16. Could be that Jamie to ucla has worn off.
  17. This may not be popular but I cant imagine Samuel as an NBA player compared to what I see in the NBA. The guy was gasses after 2 minutes every game, maybe its just me.
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  18. on paper dixon has not only turned over the roster, but changed the look of the club

    you now add two transfers who can play the 4 which i would guess means you move obannon over to the 3 to play with peavy making a bigger front court with some flexibility

    you add the big juco at the 5 and it will be important for lampkin to get himself in condition to contribute if samuel doesn't come back next year.

    back court rotation is interesting and curious if we see much 3 guards on the floor next year
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  19. While not exactly a "blow it up and start over" measure it does appear JD is taking seriously the need to make significant changes, at least in player personnel. Now, if that spirit of change carries over to some significant tweaks in the way the team is coached (not necessarily changes in coaching personnel, but in strategic thinking) JD may be on the road to redemption in the eyes of the general population of TCU basketball fandom. I think "looking competent and competitive" will be a significant enough desired outcome for the upcoming season.
  20. While losing coach Miller seems like a big blow to some. How many signing misses does he attach too. Seeing how he was here the whole time and given Bane is the only hit. I think his leaving gives us new hope.
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