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TCU Men's Tennis - 2020-2021

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Jared7, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Kruger with a break on 6 will serve for it. Just need 3 of these 1st sets to stay on track. More than that's gravy. Got Fomba's in the bag and Jirousek is getting close.
  2. Teddy! 4-4 now on court 5.
  3. Kruger with the dropper! Another set in the bag.
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    Would be nice if Fearnley can win his tiebreaker.

    And he does at 1
  5. Whoa big pass for Fearnley to 5-1!
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  6. And set points for Teddy!
  7. Fearnley takes his breaker 7-1!! That's 4 first sets won to their 1. The Buckeyes are gonna need a major shift in momentum to turn this around. I expect a charge at some point...
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  8. FIVE first sets!!! Don't hurt em boys!!!
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  9. Meanwhile, things starting to get a little interesting in the other match. Baylor took the doubles point off Ole Miss easily but has dropped 3 of 5 first sets. Other's on serve. Just sayin'
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  10. I think you're starting to see it right now.

    Gray looks to be in big big trouble. Kruger gets broken to open the second set as does Fearnley.
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  11. We're just gonna have to weather it. This isn't over...
  12. Fomba breaks Kingsley. I figure it's gonna come to down to a slew of three set matches on the higher numbered courts.
  13. Luc with an early break!!
  14. Jirousek up 3-0 in Set 2. Kruger down 0-4 in Set 2. And Luc just got broke at low to go back on serve at 3's. With Gray getting his feathers plucked off on Court 1, it would be nice for Luc to win this in 2 sets.
  15. Teddy with a break! But Fomba broken. But Tommy up 2 breaks! But Alastair getting blown away. And Jake and Bertus both losing in their 2nd sets.

    Luc with a break at no-ad!!
  16. Luc with his third break point chance at no-add.

    And he gets it. Back up a break
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  17. The Jakester breaks back to get back to even on serve!

    1-1 now as Gray falls 4-6, and a bagel.

    Luc 5-3 and Tommy's about to cash a czech!
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  18. Fomba is an example in just getting the return back in play no matter how you do it.
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  19. The path seems to be 2, 4, 5. Although 3 and 6 are very much in play.
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  20. haha cheating. That was an ace
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