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TCU Men's Tennis - 2020-2021

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Jared7, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. sprinkler head.
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  2. We're off! Our doubles teams are slightly different than that entered as our official line-up. Kruger/Fearnley are at #2 and the Czechs at #3. Jong is still listed at #3 singles, so I'm not sure what happened to make the change...
  3. Gray/Fomba 4-2 (just survived a no-ad)
    Fearnley/Kruger 4-3;
    Jirousek/Paroulek 2-3.
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    Looks like both Cts 1 and 2 may have a chance to serve for the win or close it out with a break.
    Kruger and Fearnley will have to serve for the win on Ct2
    Gray and Fomba will have to serve for the win on C1

    Ct 1 wins
    Kruger and Fearnely on no add for the doubles point...and they take it.

    Frogs 1-0

    From what you vastly more knowledgeable fellas said, I don't think that was the expected path to the doubles point
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  5. LET'S GOOOOOO!!!!!
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  6. YESSS!! The doubles point is ours!!
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  7. No ad point never fails us
  8. so when you win 2 of the matches - my guess is the 3rd just stops since it was irrelevant?
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  9. What a horrible decision on #2 doubles. ;-)
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  10. Yeah, and it was set point for them at no-ad too!
  11. In my defense, we were about to drop the match on 3 and my point was the Czechs were probably going to lose regardless so why not throw them out against Ohio State's best team. But as a general rule you'd probably do well to ignore me.
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  12. Looks like no Jong
  13. Nonsense - I was worried too. But Roditi usually knows what he's doing...
  14. Kruger on 6
  15. Yeah, that had to be it. The rules state that the line-up is the line-up and no changes are allowed except for injury. So, Sander's hurt - not good.

    (Or, maybe, he's "hurt")...
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  16. Bad news on Jong but great news on doubles
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  17. With the new lineup, I would put the courts in this order, from most likely we win to least: 4, 3, 1, 2, 6, 5. And if Fomba, Paorulek, and Kruger all get the wins I will gladly admit I'm an idiot.
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    I decided to do the streaming after all and my biggest question is whether Kingsley's all he's cracked up to be?? I'm watching #2 - C'MON LUC!!

    Tommy up a break; Teddy down a break; everyone else on serve early...

    FOOOOMBA with a break on the undefeated Kingsley!!

    Teddy breaks back; Bertus with a break, but Alastair broken by McNally...

    Luc takes the first set 6-4!! (but break backs by the Buckeyes elsewhere).

    Alastair falls 4-6 in his first, but Bertus breaks back!

    Kruger takes his first set! Fearnley to a breaker at 6-all. Jirousek wins his first set!
  19. I don't understand this streaming situation. I can only scroll down and see tiny streaming screens...
  20. Are you on mobile? It's much better than the web app for me.

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