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TCU Men's Tennis - 2020-2021

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Jared7, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Looked like an ace for Fomba, and you could tell he wanted it. Didn't get it and lost the point.
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  2. Hell yea!
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  3. Tomas gets a bagel in his 2nd and makes it 2-1!!
  4. There is the emphatic ace and celebration!
  5. That was an ace! 3-1!!!!

    Teddy for the clincher??
  6. Unless Paroulek completely falls apart, this is over.
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  7. Ship it!! The Frogs beat the Buckeyes 4-1!!
  8. Enjoy your flight back to Ohio!
  9. That's it! 4-1 Frogs!!
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  10. Fomba beating the previously undefeated Cannon Kingsley is the most impressive to me! But our Czechs played great too!
  11. Took down Kingsley and Seelig in straight sets
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  12. Who's up next?
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  13. On to the Elite 8!! I'd rather Baylor lose today than have to face them again.
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  14. When you only play the Little Sisters of the Poor, it's a real shock when you finally run up against some quality.
  15. That's a substantial possibility right now. They're struggling in three of the 4 remaining matches up 2-1.
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  16. Yeah it's still an uphill battle for Ole Miss but it isn't over. At a minimum the Bears are having to play a lot more tennis than we are today.
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  17. Baylor on the verge of winning.
  18. And a final. Baylor beats Ole Miss 4-1.

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