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TCU Men's Tennis - 2020-2021

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Jared7, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Good for Rybakov.

    Moutet is a known malcontent, but pretty solid on clay. A couple weeks ago Moutet and Dan Evans (British #1 ahead of Norrie) got into a pretty good fight on court
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  2. TCU v. Ohio State is scheduled for 12:00 noon (CDT) tomorrow at Lake Nona (Orlando). It's in the 2nd batch of 4 groupings - Tennessee v. Arizona and North Carolina v. Georgia are first up at 9:00 a.m.; Baylor v. Mississippi is also at noon; Texas v. South Carolina and Virginia v. USC are at 3:00; and Florida v. Illinois and A&M v. Mississippi State are at 6:00. All times are approximate. You can find video and scoring links at the collegetennistoday website (and elsewhere).
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  3. Listened to the preview show on Cracked Racquets. The two that made picks (Gruskin refrained as he's doing commentary) picked Ohio State 4-3. They each said Buckeyes win doubles, 2/5/6 singles and we win 1/3/4 singles. I don't think that's a crazy pick by any means. But they basically guaranteed Ohio State was winning those singles matches, which seems a little overconfident. Kingsley is a stud who should probably be playing #1. But Fomba's no slouch either. If he's serving well, I don't think he's any worse than a coin flip against anyone.
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  4. Norrie got the win in straight sets against Moutet this morning. Unfortunately he got an absolutely terrible draw and gets #1 seed Thiem next
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  5. Here's a rundown of the singles lineup for the Buckeyes...

    #1 John McNally (Sr) - 11-3 record at #1 singles (17-5 overall). Former #1 US recruit who went 16-3 as a freshman at #3 singles. He's been great his whole career but imo not quite as impressive this year. He also dropped a couple of matches at #2 singles, and they've played an easy schedule. Lost to Wake in straights.

    #2 Cannon Kingsley (So) - 12-0 record at #2 singles and 21-0 record overall (other 9 wins were at #1). Another big-time recruit who had immediate success at the top of the lineup. Probably should be playing #1. I'm sure a lot of people would say he's the best #2 singles player in the country.

    #3 James Trotter (Jr) - playing higher in the lineup than he ever has, but went 15-1 this year at #3. Won vs Wake in straights.

    #4 Justin Boulais (So) - just 5-2 on the year at #4 singles (7-2 overall). Seems pretty clear the Buckeyes are stacking their lineup and pushing more talented players down to #5/6. But he's not a pushover. Split sets vs Wake in a match that did not finish.

    #5 Kyle Seelig (Sr) - 4-0 record at #5 singles (16-4 overall). Been there since 2015 as a redshirt and obviously played in a ton of big matches in his career. Did lose the deciding match in the Big 10 tournament final (playing at #4), but won his match vs Wake in straights. Jirousek has his work cut out for him.

    #6 JJ Tracy (Fr) - 8-0 record at #6 singles (23-1 overall). He hasn't faced much competition playing down in the lineup vs a weak schedule. But he beat Rodesch from UVA early in the year and Nick Beaty from UMich, which are both nice wins. Won vs Wake in straights.
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  6. And doubles...

    #1 Trotter/Boulais - 4-2 record at #1 position (8-3 overall). Played as the #2 team a year ago. Competitive but Gray/Fomba will be favored. Did not finish their match vs Wake.

    #2 Cash/McNally - 8-1 record at #2 (15-4 overall). Played as the #1 team a year ago and probably still should be (noticing a trend? OhState is apparently known for stacking their lineup). Beat Wake 6-3.

    #3 Kingsley/Tracy - 9-0 record on the year, all at #3 spot. They've tried Kingsley with Seelig for some of the year, with poor results (just a 2-5 record). But it seems like they've hit on something with this duo. They have not been paired together against good competition until last round when they beat Wake 6-4.
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  7. So to sum up, it seems like the crucial matches for us will be at #3 doubles and #3 singles. And Fearnley has to win at #4. We'll be underdogs at #5 and #6 singles, but I think we're about even or better everywhere else.
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  8. Apparently they're streaming on some app called TennisOne. It will come as a shock to no one to learn that the stream is cutting in and out. The app is blaming PlaySight, NCAA, USTA... really anyone will do I guess. Hopefully they get it working in the next hour.
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  9. If that's the case, I'm not even gonna bother with streaming then. My computer tends to crash all the time when the streaming is sporadic and poor.

    GO FROGS!! BEAT THE BUCKEYES!! (My Dad, who is an Ohio State grad (as well as a TCU alum) has already heard from me this morning).
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  10. looks like it was up and running on the app but the morning matches are not complete yet - correct?
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  11. Some intriguing early matches. Tennessee took the doubles point vs AZ easily, but the Wildcats have fought back to take a 3-2 lead. Vols look good in a 3rd set on court 4. Looks like it will come down to court 1 where they just started a 3rd set but Walton (UT) seems like he might not be 100%. UNC/UGA also at 3-3 with UGA up a set and a break on court 5.
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  12. Yes the app's twitter account is reporting technical issues have been fixed. It's working better for me now.
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  13. Yes, UNC and Georgia are currently tied 3-all and Zona leads Tennessee 3-2. Both should wrap up soon.
  14. It's pretty windy today. I don't think of our team as particularly favoring those conditions... we seemed to really struggle vs. Pepperdine in the wind. But FW gets pretty windy and OSU plays most of their season indoors.
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  15. I agree with the latter half of your post - the windy conditions should favor us.
  16. I think I just heard that matches will begin at 12:25p
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  17. Georgia beat UNC 4-3 and Tennessee came back to beat Arizona 4-3. We're next up!
  18. What in the world. We have Fearnley/Kruger at 2 and Paroulek/Jirousek at 3?!?! So no Jong. He has to be hurt. There's no way Jirousek plays ahead of him in doubles. I would have even expected Kurzban ahead of Jirousek in doubles.
  19. transfer portal
  20. If you have to punt at #2 doubles, that's not a disaster. It's Ohio State's best team. But why move Fearnley Kruger up? I don't get it.

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