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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Let me ask you to just figure the mileage from the fire station to any address on Boyd, first via Stadium, second down Berry to University, north to Cantey, west down to Boyd....and then tell me the second route is "triple" the mileage of the first. Triple means three times, even for a minor in mathematics. You still say "triple"?
  2. 1.4 to 1.9 Miles. Doesn't everyone know 1.4 x 3 = 1.9?
  3. I meant from Berry/Stadium. You on your period too?
  4. I think they are bitter because they xeroxed some other school's idea vs striking their own path. Campus looks fantastic. Baylor and SMU are more like "seen one, seen them all".

    K-State campus was surprisingly kickasss with the limestone. Exterior only though.
  5. Depends, it's possible it wouldn't affect that much as it would force traffic to be funneled certain ways. Currently I've seen it be a bit of free for all there after games. Everyone in basketball lot should be going toward Berry anyways to leave. Meanwhile anyone in alumni lot should probably be heading toward Canty for improved flow. Instead you have both groups going both ways.

    Of course I put that more on the plan of traffic direction than anything.
  6. The green and yellow aspect of tcu's campus helps its overall appearance through much of the year, but when winter comes and the grass dies, there's just not enough contrast between the ground and buildings to create a pleasant viewing experience.
  7. You and I have very different ideas of what to look at on a college campus. 
    What a dork.
    The contrast between the grass and buildings just isn't fabulous enough for you?
  9. Baseball ticket upgrades are next week btw. Most likely at least...
  10. I think that you just outed yourself
  11. C'mon, kids. Are you trying to say you have really never noticed that most of the buildings on your campus are the color of dead grass?
  12. Dead grass how I describe the attractiveness and personality of Baylor girls.
  13. I guess so. I just had never noticed that the fire station was at the corner of Berry and Stadium. Oh, it isn't? But you said...
  15. Ugh, main thing I remember about frog bytes is one semester where it seemed like every time I went in the MTVU on the tv was playing either Outkast "Hey Ya" or Polyphonic Spree's "Light & Day"
    Three words my friend: Indoor Softball Facility   :wink:
  17. +1. I guess they have to rag on something.
    The Energy Institute was an afterthought addition to Rees-Jones Hall.  The building was actually designed to house a much larger program called the Institute of Child Development, which will occupy half of the top floor.  (Energy Institute gets a corner on 2nd floor.)  The Rees-Joneses are huge benefactors of the ICD program, regularly supporting it with multi-million-dollar gifts.
    On the flip side, University Drive is already highly congested.  Closing Stadium would divert even more traffic to University.  Hello gridlock.
    Stadium Drive may be modified, but it's highly unlikely they'll ever completely close it.
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    Baylor folks suffer from the same delusion as SMU folks: "If we build in the same red brick as Harvard, we'll be like Harvard."
    Just as ACME has patented our yellow brick as "TCU Buff," I think they should patent that red brick as "Harvard Wannabe."

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