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SMU point spread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. ^^^^^ THIS! For all you clowns bashing me about my comment that the smart money would be on the points, you obviously have not watched TCU play SMU as long as I have. They usually play us pretty close. Don't get me wrong. I think the Frogs will win and probably dominate them, but laying that many points with our erratic passing game isn't such a great idea.

    The only way SMU stays on the field with us is if we turn the ball over repeatedly or our defense totally implodes. How do we avoid that? Run the ball down their throat. Control the tempo and keep them off the field. I am sure our coaches will want to break out the high flying passing game, but that doesn't mean it will work.
  2. I wasn't particularly worried about SMU... until I read this thread. Does anyone have meds I can borrow?
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  3. One thing that I noticed in the last two games was that when the other teams started to get a little weary in the 2nd half, our defense went on attack. They smelled blood and didn't hold back--something we haven't seen in a few years in Fort Worth. I didn't even realize how much I missed that type of defense till these last 10 days.

    It is a major mismatch between TCUs D-Line and SMUs O-Line; which is known to be one of their team's weaknesses. If we can get pressure on their QB often, he will throw some picks as he is INT-prone when pressured. Their depth chart from LT to RT shows their starters at 275, 280, 308, 275, and 305 lbs; so size-wise it will be a mismatch when they have the ball. If the defense gets rolling early, SMU may do less than you think on offense.
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  4. SMU is much improved, but so are we. The biggest concern is Sutton and the deep ball from Hicks. Better have double coverage on that dude and try to avoid PI calls.

    If we can't beat SMU decisively then that doesn't bode well for the rest of the season. Will they play us tougher than Arky? I think so. We just have to adjust our game plan accordingly. I hope our run game is dominant.
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    I'm leaving Vegas today and I bet the frogs to cover. Never know, but TCU is much better.
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  6. Baylor probably wishes it didn't schedule Duke now.
  7. I was there the night LT and the frogs crushed little prancing pony 62-7. I smell a similar result this weekend.

    Multiple turnovers result in short fields and many points.

    TCU 59 - Smewwwww 3.
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  8. great game, smu had like 10 first downs and tcu had 8 tds. printers had a great game
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    Ready for Cuban to sell the Mavs and move on. That is all. Back to regular scheduled programming.
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  10. Worth noting that a game played 12 years ago has LITERALLY NOTHING to do with this year.
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  11. How are you going to cash in if we cover?
  12. Beat smu. That's what matters. By 1 or by 20, just keep the iron.
  13. You can mail in tickets, but you have 6 months to cash in. I'll be back before then. Also bet on TCU winning national championship. $30 bet could win 2,400. Can't win if you don't risk anything.
  14. That was a fun game. I was there as well.
  15. SMU Starting Offensive Line
    RT -Bryce Wilds - 299 LBs
    RG - Jacob Todora - 280 LBs
    C - Evan Brown - 307
    LG - Nick Natour - 288
    LT - Chad Pursley - 277
  16. la'terrance (sp?) dunbar returned a kickoff about 108 yards after SMEW's lone score to put the final nail in the coffin I think.
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  17. I will be amazed if we do not beat them by 28 or more points.
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  18. http://a.espncdn.com/ncf/2000/20001124/recap/ttassh.html

    "What made this one so bad was that SMU did not get a first down for the first 22 minutes, 10 seconds. It took another nine minutes for the next one."
  19. No answer. That's tOSU's QB's stat line vs. OU. Maybe KH could start in Columbus.
  20. We will beat SMU by at least 30 points.
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