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SMU point spread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Sep 10, 2017.

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    They normally give us fits, with occasional disappointments. Our more recent history against the Ponies doesn't point to your prediction, no matter how good we've been or poor they have been... though 30 pts would be nice.
  2. Already down to 18.
  3. Didn't we beat them by 30 last year?
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  4. No, they don't normally give us fits. They only rarely do.

    We beat them in 2016 by 30 in Dallas. In 2015, we beat them by nearly 20 in Fort Worth. In 2014 we beat them by 56 in Fort Worth. (Yes, 56. And not only 56, but a shutout, 56-0.) In 2013, we beat them by 31 in Dallas.

    The last time the Phonies even managed to throw a mild scare into us was in 2012, when we struggled to a 24-16 victory. The Frogs went into that game fat and complacent, expecting an easy win, which they didn't get. We had to gut-up and fight for it. But once we got serious, superior talent, depth, and coaching quickly won the day and SMU simply wilted.

    Perhaps we will make that mistake again his year, perhaps not. But it happens so infrequently in the TCU-SMU series, to speak of it as if it were the norm or some fairly regular occurrence is simply wrong. Since 2001, our record against SMU is 12-2. (We didn't play them in 2003 or 2006.) Our average margin of victory during that period has been 27 points. This year we get them in Fort Worth. It will not be pretty, and the SMU hand-wringers are going to wind up looking really foolish.
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  5. We beat em 56-37 last time at AGCS, and 56-0 the year before that.

    I would take TCU minus whatever Vegas gives. The ponies allowed almost 500 yards of offense at home to UNT last weekend while allowing 3 sacks and 7 tackles for loss.

    TCU defense will live in the SMU backfield saturday, especially if we score some early TDs/kill the clock and SMU has to pass to keep up.
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  6. What the hell are you talking about? We've beaten them by 30 or more 3 of the last 4 times we played them. We only remember the close ones because they are rare.
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  7. I just won't forget them storming the field and being [ Arschloch]s back in 2011 when they beat us at home...

    They seem to upset us ever 5 or 6 games, hopefully we can keep the streak going.

    Edit: The streak of beating them by hefty margins, not losing every 5th or 6th game...
  8. Hill will do better than that against OU. tOSU sucks right now, when they are newer they always suck early. See the pathetic joke of a loss against a Virignia Tech team in 2014 that scored zero versus Wake Forest the same year. Yet somehow they made the playoffs, got a lot better down the stretch.
  9. We lost to baylor that year too. We were not a good team in 2011. Probably 7 wins in the big 12. Similar season to 2012.
  10. Agreed. That was at least in part bait for Wexahu. He thinks KH would be riding the pine at any SECSECSEC school, including Arkansas. Maybe he could start at the mighty tOSU.
  11. 2014 was in Dallas. 2013 was in Fort Worth.
  12. The '15 game was in doubt til the 4th quarter. But something about our '17 team tells me they won't play down. Frogs roll by 4 TD's.

  13. They were within one score (and had all the momentum) in the 4th quarter at ACS in 2015.

    I look forward to your response where you take 11 paragraphs to properly define "mild scare" so it fits your narrative .
  14. Man I'm right here with you ifrog. SMU won't sniff top 25 all year long, would get rolled by an Arky like team. TCU should handle SMU imo. Sutton will give us some trouble, but he will give every team he plays trouble. If you can just keep him somewhat contained, this should be a steady thumping keeping the iron skillet where it belongs in Ft Worth.

    Im confident Innis Gaines will welcome him to AGCS with a shot coming across the middle. He's going to be good for a couple of those big hits per game. Changes offensive game plans.
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  15. The 2012 game was in a monsoon...in Dallas...and the 2014 game was also in Dallas on a sunny afternoon...2015 was the game the Ponies scored 37 on us in Fort Worth....

    SMU does give the Frogs fits, but as you noted above, normally the talent and depth carries TCU to a win....SMU has some talent this year, don't know about its depth....
  16. I think you're mistaken. I never said KH would be riding pine at any SEC school. I said BH (as in SMU QB Ben Hicks) would be. I was responding to someone who said SMU had a better QB than Arkansas.

    Feel free to disagree, but I think KH would be starting at probably more than half of SEC schools. Maybe all but a couple.
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  17. Ah. My bad. Please forgive me.
  18. I hope we beat them bad enough that the 2s and 3s get a full quarter of playing time at least. Or more. Sure wouldn't hurt to give Mr. Robinson more live game time.

    Just in case.
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  19. I thought the smew QB was the one being debated, not Kenny Hill. I definitely don't think Hill would be behind many QBs in the SEC. I know aggy would sure love to have him back on their team.

    I actually think Hill and JT Barrett are pretty similar with Hill being a little more elusive runner imo. Both have moments of inconsistencies throwing the ball down the field.
  20. As others said, it was a 5 point game with 6 minutes to go in the 4th qtr. Mild scare?

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