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SMU point spread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Their defense is not better than Arky.
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  2. Their offense, so far at least, more than makes up for the defense. Like I said, I didn't think that Arky's defense was all that good. They didn't stop the run and we stopped our own pass past ten yards.
  3. I agree. I know starsies aren't everything, but Arky averaged a recruiting class for the previous 4 years of 23 (per 247). SMU is 77. Pardon the pun, but hard to believe that SMU would have the horses to have a better defense than Arky.
  4. Yeah, if Duke can beat Northwestern by 24 I think they can probably beat Baylor by 34, or more. Baylor is 0-2 against Liberty and UTSA, and they haven't even been on the road yet.
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  5. I personally wouldn't touch this one.
  6. Starsies aren't everything, but starsies are everything?

    Do you think the coaching at SMU could somehow be superior to the coaching at Arky? TONS of teams have had better recruiting classes than TCU, yet TCU has schooled those fools.
  7. SMU has shown good offense against teams with the defensive caliber of Stephen F. Austin and North Texas. They haven't yet been tested by a defense of TCU's caliber. Those who think SMU's offense will be as effective against us as against SFA and UNT must think TCU is in the same class as SFA and UNT.

    Do you really, honestly, believe that??
  8. After watching our offense against Arky, the smart money would take the points. The days of the sling it around Frogs are over.
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  9. We won 33-3 last year in Dallas. Pretty similar roster at least at the skill positions. Their QB is 29/58 passing = 50% against subpar competition. Most of their blowout over SFA was in the running game. They ain't gonna do that against us. Stop Sutton and it should look pretty much like last year. 42-10.
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  10. My point is that athletes can make up for coaching deficiencies. If you put Nick Saban at SMU and Chad Morris at Alabama, I have no doubt that Char Morris would school Nick Saban. As they say on college sports radio on CBS, you might know X's and O's, but you have to have the Jimmy's and the Joe's.
  11. SMU defense won't have many answers for us but their offense looks much improved. This game always worries me a little just because of recent history.
  12. Just when you think......watch us throw 50 times and run 35.

    The SMU D will enable us to be enticed to throw. We also need a more balanced offensive output with Ok St looming. My guess is we try more with the passing game
  13. Based on ONE game???
  14. Sutton is good. He's the only one I worry about.
  15. We're screwed. I don't think we have anyone named Jimmy.
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  16. I think it will eventually get there.

    Not the quick offense we were used to in 2014-2015 but I think as the WR's get more reps, we will at least have the option to sling it around.

    That run game will open up the field.

    I think Patterson knew the toll his defense took when the offense could not stay on the field. Maybe a reason Meacham had to go.
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  17. At least for now. They don't trust Hill to sling it around 40-50 times per game. What does that work out to? 3 or 4 picks per game?
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    We have no idea what the coaches actually think. What we do know is that knew they could beat Arkansas running the ball so that's what they did. What you call lack of confidence could also be called being flexible and making adjustments.
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  19. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. The game plan against Arky was brilliant. It was perfect for that opponent. But nothing in the offseason led anyone to believe that we've gone back to a Fuente offense. In 2012 and 2013 GP saw that we needed to have a more dynamic offense to succeed in the B12. So he brought one in. Cumbie is still a Pirate disciple. Obviously he's a more flexible playcaller than Meach was, and played to the strengths against an Arkie team that does not have the ability to score early and often.

    But that same offensive philosophy will not work against OSU and OU. We will have to "sling it around" to win those games. I'm sure that we will RTDB more than we did under Meach, but Cumbie has not transformed overnight into a Bielema disciple.
  20. I know that the letdown game is always an option when we play SMU, but I think we beat the ship out of them.

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