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SMU point spread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Maybe I missed it, but who was saying that?
  2. Exactly. By the 3rd quarter it was clear that GP and co believed our defense could hold down arky.
  3. And there is a long history of GP coached TCU teams doing that. Not much of it recent so it's easy to forget, but he was always content to go real vanilla when he knew that mistakes/turnovers were the only way we were gonna lose a game.
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  4. They beat Stephen F. Austin(Who lost 51-14 to Southern Utah this weekend) and North Texas. Doesn't stop their fans from being confident here.
  5. Yep. We almost won that game 14-7.

    Concerned that Patterson is steering the ship back to his comfort zone that he had to ditch when joining the Big 12. The 21-17 "win by one" days may be coming back.....
  6. CJK5H...the [ "illegitimate Baylor boy" ].
  7. Obligatory:



  8. It was only 14-7 because our center snapped one against his left calf. I don't think GP called that play. Jeezus, we just beat a respectable P5 opponent on the road, would you have been more comfortable if the score was 35-31?

    I think it's what others said, in this game GP was very confident Arkansas wasn't going to be able to sustain multiple drives. The way we lose this game is by forcing the issue on offense and making stupid mistakes. I don't think he 100% trusts Hill to avoid turnovers, and to be honest I don't think Hill has earned that trust yet.
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  9. It should've been 28-7 halfway through the third except for 2 really bad mistakes by a couple individuals. If you think a defensive coach wouldn't rather play with a 3 TD lead than a 1 TD lead then you're crazy.
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  10. We go to Fayetteville and beat Arky by 21 (leaving quite a few points on the field) and you think we can't beat SMU by 18 at home? I guess SMU's 22 pt win at home over UNT where they gave up nearly 500 yards was more impressive than TCU's 21 point win at Arkansas?

    I know SMU has looked better than years past, but SFA lost to Southern Utah 51-14 last week so I wouldn't anoint them to win the super bowl just yet.
  11. SMU's skill players... especially Proche, Sutton & Quinn are way better than anything Arkansas has. Those 3 guys would fit in nicely on any big 12 roster.
  12. Sutton is a beast that has put big numbers up on us in the past. They have a better QB than Arkansas and a much better deep threat. They might not have much else, but those two are enough to put up some points, and we better be ready to keep up.
  13. The phony ponies biggest detriment is their offensive line. The Frog defense should be able to

    negate their ability to establish any type of an effective running game.
  14. I don't think Hicks is better than Allen. I think Hicks would be riding pine on about any SEC team.
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  15. Not enough money will come in on SMU to move this down. I'd be on TCU at -17.
  16. As always, the biggest factor is how much the Frogs are into the game. If they play with the same intensity they had against JSU, we should be OK. One thing we know is SMU will be a bunch of berserkers initially. If we can withstand the initial emotion of the Ponies, and especially if we can get a good early lead, then they will probably cool their jets a little.
    Injuries worry me more than a possible loss.
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  17. I won't ever bet the Frogs. Way too superstitious about that.

    But especially against SMU and Kansas. Something about those teams just brings out the worst in the Frogs. Not every time, but enough that it makes me nervous every time. Even in the PB year, we got a scare from KS, and the 2015 SMU game was way too close.
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  18. I don't think he's a better overall QB in terms of game management or running.

    I think he's way better at the deep ball, which is where he and Sutton can really do damage.
  19. How about Arkansas? Would he be riding the pine there?

    Pickup boy Stidham didn't exactly light it up last week.

    Could he beat this stat line:
    19/35 for 183 yards, 5.2 average, 0 td, 1 INT, 21.1 QBR? Maybe he could start for that team.

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