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SMU point spread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Yes, I don't think Hicks would be starting at Arkansas.

    What does Stidham have to do with anything? Since you've brought him into the conversation though, I think Stidham is better than Hicks too.
  2. Can he do better than 19/35 for 183 yards, 5.2 average, 0 td, 1 INT, 21.1 QBR?
  3. Is the one with pink ears and blue hair FrogsMcGee?

    Pretty sure the one to his right is BearRammage.
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  4. Pretty sure Southern Utah is in the upper echelon of college football with Liberty and UTSA. Formidable opponents, all of them. No shame for SFA losing to that bunch by that many points.
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  5. As I heard on SMU radio commercials all summer: "Those doggone Lumberjacks!"
  6. SMU has radio commercials?
  7. With Mark Cuban, and other dallasites promoting "their home team"
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  8. Not against Clemson.
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  9. Whenever SMU makes you nervous, you need to evaluate your meds.

    Either this team of TCU has the mentality to crush inferior opponents, or not, will be displayed Saturday. Personally, I'm in the Gary Patterson camp as being a believer. And, I don't give a rat's ass about the point-spread. Anybody who bets on 18 year-olds is an idiot.
  10. No fear that we loose just I'm worried that we dick around and have a close game loosing any confidence and momentum for OkSt. We need to be swinging big balls when rolling into Stoolwater.
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  11. Maybe KH could do better than 19/35 for 183 yards, 5.2 average, 0 td, 1 INT, 21.1 QBR against Clemson, maybe he couldn't.

    But that's not the comparison. Do you think he will do worse than that in any game this year? He hasn't yet.
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  12. I can't possibly see how letting SMU stay close in this game would affect our play in Stillwater two weeks later. You may be worrying about the wrong thing.
  13. You haven't been a fan for long, have you? SMU farged TCU's 2005 season. The lone loss and prevented TCU from doing something really special that year.
  14. Not to mention the scare they put in the 2015 team. SMU will bring everything they have on Saturday afternoon.
  15. I've been going to Frog games since 1952. Eat [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] and screw 2005 when Gary made the mistake of playing an injured Tye Gunn. Anyway, if you knew anything about gambling, the safest bet is usually an upset underdog playing as a favorite the next week. In the current case, TCU was favored, so SMU better hold on for the ride.
  16. This is Morris' chance to once and for all become the undisputed front-runner for his dream job down in College Station. He'll have them as ready as they can be.

    We are way better than them, but this game still scares me.
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  17. Racist, IMO.

    I'm not a gambler, so that is moot. It is a big rivalry game, no matter what the records have been since the death penalty. You can't discount the hate that SMU has for us and, like dawg said, they will throw everything they have at us.
  18. No doubt the A&M BOR will be tuning into this one
  19. Maybe SMU is wildly better than last year but I doubt it.

    38-14 something like that.

    SMU didnt ruin our 2005 season, our QB did. Had like 5 turnovers that game. Ballard replacing him down a couple scores in the BYU game saved our season.
  20. Man, you guys are off your meds

    This team played with intensity against JSU and didn't let mistakes stop them against Arky. SMU is a decent team this season, better than most of the teams they've had in the past, but our guys have proven they have the ability to not overlook a weaker opponent and keep going.

    We are gonna roll unless the wheels fall off. SMU will score some points, probably on the deep ball, but I'll happily give up a couple of big plays if we are able to contain their normal offense, which we should be able to do without much trouble.
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